Can Rabbits Swim?

Can Rabbits Swim?

Surely more than once you have seen a dog swim and you are no longer surprised by the speed with which it does so. But do other pets behave in the same way in the water? Absolutely! Therefore, you may be wondering «can rabbits swim?». Let’s see the answer.

Can Rabbits swim

¿A todos los animales terrestres les gusta nadar?

There are dogs that like water because genetically they carry it, so to speak, very ingrained. They are dogs that centuries ago were dedicated to helping humans in hunting tasks, collecting pieces from the waters. Therefore, they are very used to entering them and swimming.

But this is not the same in cats, for example. These are not very fond of water and it is rare that you see them submerge in a puddle or pool.

The same thing happens with rabbits, but… Does that mean rabbits can’t swim?

Can rabbits swim?

Technically, the answer to this question is yes. So yes, rabbits can swim. However, it is not an activity that they need, nor is it suitable for them.

The reason is that these animals find it difficult to regulate their body temperature and maintain adequate heat, which is lost after submerging in water.

Also, your skin is very sensitive, so it tends to get irritated easily with changes from wet to dry.

That implies that these small mammals avoid entering the water, but it does not mean that they cannot do it and that, once inside, they cannot swim.

Proof that rabbits can swim are the numerous videos that are circulating on the net with images that show bunnies putting their swimming skills into practice to cross ponds or small pools.

Why you shouldn't make your rabbit swim

Most often, rabbits show signs of distress when they are put into water, even if it is to give them a bath for hygiene.

The stress that they can suffer in these circumstances is so high that it can affect their heart.

In addition to this, as we said before, these animals have a harder time regulating their body temperature than others. For this reason, getting wet can be truly detrimental to your health, even when taking a bath, if you don’t know exactly the temperature at which the water would have to be so that this would affect you less.

Finally, we must not forget that these animals have a protective layer on their skin that, if they get wet very often, they would end up losing.

So I can't bathe my rabbit?

By proxy, yes you can bathe a rabbit, but it is not at all something important or necessary.

Rabbits themselves are quite careful animals with their hygiene. Just like grooming occurs in cats, it also occurs in rabbits, so baths are not usually necessary.

Only in cases in which it is extremely necessary to bathe him (because he has gotten very dirty with something that is difficult to remove from his hair, for example), he should proceed to do so.

How to bathe a rabbit?

If you need to bathe your pet, there are several options.

Dry bathing is done with a rabbit dry shampoo. With it you will avoid the animal the bad drink of soaking. This dry shampoo usually comes in a powder format, so you should spread it over his body, covering his face so it doesn’t get into his ears, eyes, and mouth. Then you will have to brush his hair, both for and against the birth of it.

The bath with water should only be carried out, as we have said, in cases of emergency. To do this, prepare a basin with warm water, or you can even use the sink or sink if they are clean. Do not submerge or throw the rabbit into the water, just gradually drench it. Then apply some soap that is specific to this animal, put it on and rinse well. You must pay close attention when drying it, because it is not healthy for it to be wet.

Finally, if the rabbit has only stained a small area of ​​its body, you can focus specifically on removing that stain. To do this, comb the area of ​​your body where the stain is located so that the dirt is removed. After this, wet a soft, clean cloth with warm water and wipe the area well. Take the brush or comb again and comb the spot of the stain again. Repeat the entire operation until it’s gone and don’t forget to dry the area well.

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