Cats can have their nails trimmed?

Cats can have their nails trimmed?

The Answer is Yes. Cats can be clipped as long as certain considerations are taken into account. Both their level of activity and their physiognomy and the situations that arise when interacting with the family will be analyzed to perform the cut or use other methods. However, before considering cutting their nails, it is best to get a good scraper and place it in a central place in the house. This way, the cat can file his nails himself.

Benefits of trim cats nails

There are many advantages to doing this practice.

Scratches will be less painful. This is one of the main reasons people want to know if cats can have their nails trimmed. Not because the cat is aggressive, but because it can have sharp nails and inadvertently we can get a scratch.

They can overgrow and split. Cat claws are retractable, which means that in the resting position they should not be visible. If yes, it is a sign that the cat is not sharpening, or rather filing, by itself. This can lead to situations where it snags and snaps and is very painful for him.

Clip nails to a cat

Disadvantages of trim cats nails

Although we, for the most part, benefit from it, there are certain aspects to take into account that are detrimental to the cat.

It can be stressful. Ideally, our cat is always happy, and cutting his nails may be something that scares him and causes him psychological damage. The ideal is to accustom him since he is a kitten to avoid this.

It is possible to hurt you. Above all, if it is one of the first times we do it, extreme care does not hurt. Cats have veins inside their nails, so the bare minimum should be trimmed.

If it is an outdoor cat, abilities will be taken away. Thanks to their claws, cats defend themselves and climb. They need them to survive. You must consider what kind of life the feline leads before cutting them off.

¿How to trim cats nails?

Follow these instructions to do it yourself and make the process painless.

  • You must use a special nail clipper for felines. These ensure that it will cut at the proper angle and in one clean motion.

  • Go one by one and slowly, with the cat immobilized. The cat’s paw must be pressed to make the claw visible. Then you can proceed to cut.

  • If you don’t know how much to cut, consult a vet and have them show you the ideal length. It is usually very little, a few millimeters. When in doubt, cut even less. Always without going beyond the transparent part.

  • The posterior nails can be cut a little more, since their growth is greater.

  • Give him an award. Even though you think he misbehaved, he has passed the drink. Reward this activity so they don’t associate it with something negative.

  • Go through the process at least every two weeks. If you do a weekly review you will know the status and the time it takes.

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