Coexistence between Dogs and Cats

Unlike what many believe, the coexistence between dogs and cats is possible. Although they have very different characteristics and ways of behaving, these pets can live in harmony if we make sure to comply with certain rules.

Many people who have a preference for both pets find it difficult to choose between one and the other. If this is your case, we are very happy to tell you that you do not have to choose, since it is possible to have cats and dogs together in the same house.

In this article we will tell you how to make both pets live together in harmony, and even become good friends.

coexistence between dogs and cats

Tips and recommendations

Maintaining a good coexistence between the pets that you have at home, regardless of their breed, is very important for their emotional well-being and yours. That is why we want to give you the following tips to ensure harmony between both species.

Start coexistence from the first months of life. 

It has been shown that when animals of different species are raised together, from a young age, they build a closer relationship. Growing up with another pet, no matter how different, it will naturally assume your company and will not see you as an intruder or enemy.

In the same way, conflicts may be generated, since cats and dogs have different natures, but they will be in less quantity than if they had met at an older age.

Introduce the Animals

If it has not been possible to have cats and dogs together since childhood, then you have no choice but to generate that connection between the two in a more didactic way. By not growing up together, they will find in each other a dangerous agent who could endanger their reality.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a friendly presentation in the following way:

Introduce the new member of the family to the pet or pets you already have at home, in a quiet environment and at a time when they are most relaxed.

Make sure the space is ample so that the animals can move as they please or flee in case the situation becomes tense.

Let them smell each other and if you see that the meeting is positive, reinforce the behavior of both with voice commands such as «Very good.»

If you get rough, don’t worry, it’s normal. If the situation becomes dangerous, they will know how to flee from the other, without the need for you to intervene.

how to handle a dog and a cat in the same house

Feed them in separate areas

Both dogs and cats are territorial and predatory animals. In addition, the ‘food’ moment is extremely important for our pets and they can be very possessive of their plate.

Therefore, we must ensure that it feeds in different areas of the house, at least for the duration of that stage prior to the definitive coexistence.

Living with cats and dogs can be tricky. Getting them to at least tolerate each other is extremely positive, since getting along very well and becoming friends is not very common in these pets.

But you never know. If you follow our advice, it is likely that you can enjoy cats and dogs together as a happy family.

Although the coexistence between dogs and cats is not easy, finally we will get them to live in the same house respecting each other. In any case, it is necessary to know that this process will not happen overnight, but usually lasts weeks and even months. Also, don’t forget that to take maximum care of them, you can take out pet insurance that protects both you and them when you need it most.

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