Fever in Dogs

Fever in Dogs

Just like it happens to people, fever in dogs is also one of the defense mechanisms that affects the body when the health of our beloved pets is not at its best.

Fever in Dogs

Just like it happens to people, fever in dogs is also one of the defense mechanisms that affects the body when the health of our beloved pets is not at its best.

When the animal’s body temperature exceeds 38ºC or 39ºC, we can consider as owners that our canine friend has a fever, which may mean the appearance of a virus or disease that we must treat.

Above all, the most advisable thing is always to go to a veterinarian who treats the animal’s discomfort and confirms what it is suffering from. But it is also possible to carry out a procedure by our own means to lower the dog’s fever, as long as our best furry friend is not in a state that requires consultation with a veterinary specialist.

If it happens that it is, for example, a cold, so that it does not go any further, we can act through different home remedies to reduce fever in dogs.

How do I know if my dog ​​has a fever?

When our body is not in optimal conditions, it shows signs of it. We can make as many efforts as we want, but the truth is that when we have a fever, it shows from a mile away. Well, although we think that in the case of pets it is somewhat more complex, we have to say that it does not differ much from our example.

If our dog has a fever, even if it is unconsciously, it will show us signs that it is not in a consistent state of health. In addition to his increasing body temperature, it is possible to check if my dog ​​has a fever through other symptoms that will confirm or not our omens.

How to Reduce Fever in Dogs?

Once we have verified that our dog has a fever, we can act accordingly according to its condition, as we have mentioned before. If the temperature is too high, it is best to go to the vet, as this may signal the alarm that something worse is incubating. But if the animal does not present other symptoms, in addition to the common ones of having a fever, we can act through different methods to stop the rise in body temperature.

First of all, it will be important not to get carried away and decide to medicate the pet on our own and without the prescription of a specialist veterinarian. And if you are thinking about the first and usual remedy that we humans choose for ourselves (paracetamol or ibuprofen), we recommend that you read this article with which you will solve your doubts.

Among the feasible home remedies that we can use to lower a dog’s fever, the use of cold water is recommended above all, which we can offer the animal in different ways in order to moisten and hydrate its body, which has a high temperature.

How to PreventFever in Dogs?

In addition to knowing how to know if my dog ​​has a fever and what we can do to lower his temperature, what less than being clear about how we should act so as not to have to reach this point. That is, what preventive measures to use to prevent our best canine friend from getting sick.

Adequate and continuous hydration is the best remedy against high temperatures, for example in the summer months, when heat strokes can. In the same way, carrying out reviews on a regular basis will allow us to prevent and carry out a more efficient treatment if the virus is detected beforehand. The same happens with the dog’s vaccination schedule, which will prevent the spread of higher risks, as well as deworming.

Although without a doubt, the best remedy is none other than the love and care that we humans, as their best friends, offer our dogs. But sometimes, it is inevitable for us that some virus attacks our canid. It is therefore convenient to have some practical advice on hand to know how to act in this regard.

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