Games to strengthen the bond with your cat

Games to strengthen the bond with your cat

Anyone who has a cat at home as a pet will know that, contrary to what many think, cats are affectionate animals. It is true that they may have a more independent character than dogs, but that does not mean that they are not friendly. Still, it’s important to bond with him. Therefore, here you will find some games to strengthen the bond with your cat.

Games to strengthen the bond with your cat

The importance of playing with your cat

The game for cats goes far beyond a simple pastime.

Games are a way of physically and mentally stimulating the animal, something of vital importance to avoid problems as diverse as feline obesity or anxiety.

On the other hand, thanks to games, domestic cats that do not go outside manage to consume the same energy as if they went outside to hunt prey, for example.

In addition, there is the reason that concerns us. This is that playing with your cat favors establishing a solid and pleasant relationship with the animal. To do this, here are some examples of games to strengthen the bond with your cat.

Games to strengthen the bond with your cat

Chasing the prey

For this game you need a toy that simulates a prey and that is attached to something that you can handle. For example, reeds are very useful for this or simply choose a small stuffed mouse and tie a string to it.

The plan is that you are somewhat away from the «prey», but you can control their movements. In this way, you can move it through the air or on the ground, enticing the cat to catch it.

Ideally, you should keep that toy and only take it out when you are going to do the activity, so that the cat does not always have it in mind and is motivated to see it.

With this game you will be able to stimulate his hunting instinct, his agility and speed. But, in addition, when you are present, he will relate you to that fun moment, favoring his interest in you.


It is true that not all felines like catnip, but those that do, not only like it: it makes them crazy with happiness!

So if you offer your cat a catnip-fillable toy, they will love you!

If it’s a ball you can put it in, play around with it in front of him first, enticing him to catch it. Then, fill it with catnip and without taking long, give it to him. You will love it!

Chase games

Many cats love to chase things that you throw away, even if it is because their hunting instinct leads them to think that it is prey that is trying to flee and must be caught.

Therefore, do not hesitate to find something that attracts you a lot. It can be a ball, a rattle ball or a simple sock. Whatever it is, throw it out into the hallway or to a corner of the room, where the cat feels like it has its prey cornered and is even more motivated to hunt it down.

Interactive games

Another option of games to strengthen the bond with your cat are the interactive ones. It is true that these are toys for which your intervention is not necessary, but obviously you can be present to give the animal a cable if you notice that it gets frustrated.

These are dispensing balls or puzzle-type feeders that involve an effort on the part of the animal to get a prize in the form of a snack from inside. They all have a mechanism that makes the toy release food after an action by the cat.

Of course, it is important that you take into account the total daily amounts of calories that the feline diet should include in the case of your pet so that you do not exceed them causing it to gain weight.

Tips for games with cats

Playing with your pet should be part of your daily routine if you want it to really serve to strengthen the bond with the cat.

In addition, when doing so, you must respect the age of the feline, since it will not be the same to play with a puppy or adult cat than with an elderly cat.

On the other hand, you should also respect the moment. If your pet is resting or in a moment when he is showing off his independence, do not force him to play.

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