Home remedies to stop my dog ​​from eating poop

If you saw your dog chewing his own feces, you probably got a tremendous scare and, now, you are wondering what the solution is to stop your dog from eating his feces. This behavior, which is quite disgusting for humans, is called “coprophagy” and, unfortunately, it is more common than you imagine. But just because it is relatively common does not mean that it is always harmless or harmless to dogs, because there are times when the ingestion of feces can indicate that a dog has nutritional deficiencies or that it lives with a high level of stress, among other problems that require attention.

If you saw your dog chewing his own feces, you probably got a tremendous scare and, now, you are wondering what the solution is to stop your dog from eating his feces.

Changes in your diet

If your dog eats poop because it has a nutritional deficiency , it is very likely that the veterinarian will propose a change in its diet, this being the best remedy you can apply. If your furry friend is used to eating croquettes, the solution to stop him eating poop can be as simple as opting for a better quality feed , which contains levels of macro and micronutrients compatible with your furry friend’s nutritional requirements, which vary in depending on your age. 

On the other hand, if you accustomed your dog to a homemade diet, it is likely that the veterinarian will suggest adjusting the variety and quantities of the food you offer daily. 

Now, if we are talking about a malnourished dog or one that already has an advanced nutritional deficiency, the veterinarian can also recommend specific supplementation , either through natural sources (foods with high concentrations of certain nutrients), or through the administration of supplements in capsule or powder form. Currently, there is a wide variety of natural supplements for dogs available on the market, some with very good quality and certified origin, but it is not recommended to administer them on your own and without the guidance of a veterinarian to avoid nutritional imbalances in the body. Of the dog.

Specific supplements for dogs with coprophagy

More and more brands are developing specific supplements to treat coprophagy in dogs, many of them made from natural ingredients. These are products designed to alter the smell of the dog’s feces and give it one that is very unpleasant for the species. This way, avoid eating them.

Without a doubt, this remedy to prevent your dog from eating poop can be effective (although it does not work in all cases), but it is important to make it clear that it does not treat the cause of the problem. Therefore, we recommend using it as a complement and not as the only treatment. If your dog eats its feces and you are looking for the definitive solution, this involves finding the cause of the problem and attacking it.

Among all the options, we recommend CoproVet from Stangest, available on platforms such as Amazon:

Physical activity

Exercise is the best natural remedy to combat stress in dogs, as well as to facilitate the management of a healthy weight and the maintenance of stable behavior. A sedentary dog ​​has a high chance of developing all kinds of behavioral problems, from feces ingestion to aggression, separation anxiety and destructiveness. Furthermore, if you do not take your furry friend for a walk, do not give him the opportunity to interact with other individuals and explore new environments and stimuli, his quality of life will be harmed. Therefore, if this is the cause that leads your dog to eat its feces, the most basic and fundamental thing is to establish a good walking routine , which means walking your dog at least three times a day and for 20 to 45 minutes. every time. Likewise, there are dogs that are particularly energetic and require greater daily energy expenditure. In these cases, it is highly recommended to start them in a dog sport, such as Agility or, if you also like to lead an active life, canicross.

Regardless of your dog’s energy level, keep in mind that training is the most complete stimulus you can offer his body and mind. In addition, it is a good practice to strengthen the bond between you and encourage more trustworthy behavior inside and outside the home. 

Home remedies to stop my dog ​​from eating poop - Physical activity

Prizes and treats

A dog may also begin to ingest its own feces to “hide” it from its guardian. Generally, this behavior is the result of using counterproductive methods (scolding, punishment, confinement…) to teach the dog to relieve himself in the appropriate place. There are people who go to the sad extreme of rubbing the dog’s snout or face against their own feces to scold them. The stress and fear that such actions cause in the dog frequently lead to behavioral problems much more complex than coprophagy (for example, aggression), as well as seriously weakening the bond with the guardian.

For these and other reasons, we recommend that you rely on positive reinforcement and reward your dog every time he successfully reproduces a command or task that you are trying to teach him. Therefore, carry some treats with you to praise your dog every time he poops in the street and do not punish or scold him when he defecates at home because then you will not be able to prevent him from continuing to eat his poop.

Home remedies to stop my dog ​​from eating poop - Treats and treats

Appeasement Pheromones (DAP)

The dog’s body naturally produces different types of pheromones, which are very volatile chemical compounds that play a key role in communication with their peers, but that also trigger reactions in their own body. Among them, we find the so-called appeasement pheromones that dogs release after giving birth and during the lactation period through their sebaceous glands. As the name indicates, these pheromones fulfill a calming function , promoting the formation of the bond between the mother and her puppies.

A few years ago, synthetic appeasement pheromones began to be marketed that can help in the treatment of stress, anxiety, phobias or excessive fear, and even aggression in dogs. Today, there are spray presentations, plug-in diffusers and collars that promote a feeling of relaxation and help the dog feel more comfortable and secure in its environment. However, not all dogs react positively to these pheromones, so their use should always be guided by a veterinarian and be complemented by an ethological or behavior modification treatment.

If you want to try this remedy so that your dog does not eat poop, you can purchase pheromones at veterinary clinics, specialized stores and platforms such as Amazon. Of course, remember that they do not work in all cases and there is a possibility that it will not act on your dog as you expect.

Alternative therapies

Beyond synthetic pheromones, there are non-drug therapies that show good effectiveness in complementing the treatment of anxiety and stress in dogs (causing coprophagy), and report fewer contraindications or side effects. Some natural therapies that can act as home remedies to stop your dog from eating poop:

  • Aromatherapy: olfactory application (for example, adding an essence diffuser to the environment or spraying the essence in the dog’s spaces) is usually more efficient in promoting relaxation. Lavender oil is a highly recommended option for dogs that eat poop due to anxiety or stress.
  • Homeopathy: There are many options to treat chronic stress, anxiety and nervousness in dogs, so choosing the most beneficial formula for your furry dog ​​should be evaluated by your veterinarian. In general terms, valerian and St. John’s wort are frequently used to generate calm and help with falling asleep. And chamomile is commonly used in homeopathic formulas to help treat nervousness in young dogs.
  • Bach Flowers: here we will also find a wide variety of formulas and combinations of extracts depending on the behavioral disorder or disease to be treated. Consequently, once again the expert guidance of the veterinarian will be key to ensuring a good choice. But, to mention some examples, Mime Flower is usually used in the treatment of excessive fear and anxiety-related behaviors, such as coprophagy. In turn, Agromonia can help dogs with traumas, phobias or who have had negative experiences that led to a state of insecurity or constant nervousness.
  • Acupuncture: It is another alternative therapy that can complement the treatment of many physical and emotional disorders in dogs, but it also requires a professional experienced in this activity.
Home remedies to stop my dog ​​from eating poop - Alternative therapies

Other home remedies to stop your dog from eating poop

There are some fairly safe home remedies for coprophagy in dogs that you can prepare yourself with 100% natural and affordable ingredients. Some examples are the following:

  • Infusions of calming or relaxing herbs , such as chamomile, valerian, St. John’s wort, lime blossom, lemon balm or passionflower.
  • Oatmeal , a food that has a calming effect on the dog’s body and also provides fiber, B complex vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper and biotin. It is best to always cook the oatmeal before offering it to your dog so that it is easier for him to chew, swallow and digest it. You can simply cook it with water or vegetable milk, or opt for a more elaborate and appetizing recipe for your furry friend, such as oatmeal and honey cookies.
  • Relaxing massages. An alternative without any side effects is relaxing massages, which will also help you strengthen the bond with your furry friend. However, it is essential to choose an opportune moment and create a favorable environment for the dog to accept being touched. For example, it is not recommended that you try to give your dog a massage when he is angry, much less force him to interact with you when he has decided to isolate himself because he needs a moment of peace and solitude. If you are a beginner, you can start with simple massages on your furry’s ears. Then, as you gain confidence and experience, you can try the Tellington Ttouch method, which is based on gentle body movements that, in addition to calming the dog, can relieve physical pain.

Does pineapple help so my dog ​​doesn’t eat his feces?

There is a widespread belief that pineapple is a home remedy to prevent a dog from eating poop, but is it effective? It is said that the acidity of this fruit would be able to slightly reduce the pH of canine feces, making its smell and taste less attractive and appetizing for furry dogs. However, some precautions must be taken into account before applying pineapple so that your dog does not eat poop:

  • They can’t eat much . Although dogs can eat pineapple to benefit from the nutritional qualities of this delicious fruit, its consumption should be quite moderate and occasional. Therefore, this fruit should not be used daily or regularly to treat or prevent coprophagy.
  • There is no scientific evidence or studies that evaluate the applications of pineapple for this purpose, so it is very difficult to calculate the exact amount to offer to each dog, depending on its weight and size, to generate the desired effect on its feces without harming your health or your diet.
  • It has a very short-term effect , as a direct result of its digestion and subsequent elimination through feces. Therefore, its consumption will not be sufficient or efficient to treat the true cause of coprophagy, and may even mask a more serious problem such as a nutritional deficiency. Therefore, we cannot consider it as a medium or long-term solution to stop your dog from eating his feces.

Now that you know the different home remedies to stop your dog from eating poop, remember that it is essential to find the cause of coprophagia and treat it directly.

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