How long does a lovebird live?

How long does a lovebird live?

Without a doubt, one of the birds that inspires the most tenderness is the lovebird. For this reason, there are many lovers of these little birds who decide to raise them at home. But, how long does a lovebird live? We invite you to discover how many years the «inseparables» can accompany you.

How are the lovebirds?

The lovebird is a bird whose origin is in southwestern Africa. They are descendants of parrots, belonging to the Psittaculidae family.

There are 9 types of lovebirds, but all of them are characterized, mainly, by having colorful plumage and a size that varies between 13 and 18 centimeters.

In general, this bird is very close to humans, so it is easy to tame. In addition, he is dependent and very sociable.

Of course, you must bear in mind that, although they are not especially noisy birds continuously, they can become so in moments of alarm or emotion. In addition, they love to «chat» with each other.

How long does a lovebird live?

If you wonder how long a lovebird lives, you should know that lovebirds have a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years, as long as the environment in which they live and its conditions are adequate.

It is clear that at home, offering them all the care they require, these birds will be protected against possible attacks by predators that they do find in nature, such as birds of prey. That increases your chances of living longer.

However, there are bird diseases that lovebirds can develop just like others, which can affect their health and make them live fewer years.

Lovebird feeding

It is important that you know what lovebirds eat. The diet of a lovebird must be varied and complete, with a dry ration of seeds and feed, on the one hand, and a wet one, made up of vegetables and fruit, on the other.

Care must be taken with seed mixtures, since if they contain many seeds, they can affect the health of the bird. This is so because the pipes are very fatty and there is a greater chance that your liver will be damaged.

You must be very careful not to exceed the recommended amounts, since lovebirds are birds with an easy tendency to gain weight. Therefore, the total solid food should not exceed 12-14% of their body weight.

As for wet food (bites of apple, orange, strawberry, pear, tomato, lettuce, carrot or pepper, for example), the daily total cannot exceed 8% of your body weight.

lovebird cage

In order for the lovebirds to be comfortable and have the space required to live, it is correct that their cage is quite large.

When you have a pair of lovebirds, it is recommended that the lovebirds have a minimum of 1 meter long, by half a meter wide and deep.

In addition, the distance between the bars should never exceed 1.5 centimeters, so that they do not put their heads between them and get stuck.

In the cage, these birds must have ropes, swings and toys, as well as perches to perch at different heights and a nest.

The cage must be located in a place with a stable temperature, without drafts and with natural light, but without direct sunlight. In addition, it should be kept out of the reach of other pets or very young children who could knock the cage to the ground.

Finally, it is also advisable that you place the cage in a corner, in such a way that two of its faces hit a wall. This will give them a greater sense of security.

Why are lovebirds called inseparable?

These little birds are very sociable.

This sociability is what leads him to look for a partner with whom he will spend the rest of his life. That is why they are called inseparable. Also, for that reason they are also known as love birds.

If you decide to adopt a lovebird, the right thing to do is to do it with your partner, that is, to adopt a male and a female of the same species. So you can see in first person how they play together, fix their feathers and snuggle.

You can also adopt two males, for example, because after all, the essential thing is that they are accompanied.

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