Plants that are not dangerous for your pet

Plants that are not dangerous for your pet

Plants are one of the decorative elements of homes par excellence. It is very normal that you want to put them in your living room, hallway, etc. because given the variety of them that exists, you will always find the right one for your tastes. However, you must be very careful if you live with animals, since many plants are toxic to them. Therefore, today we indicate some plants that are not dangerous for your pet.

Plants that are not dangerous for your pet

As you know, especially cats, they have a tendency to nibble on plants. This can be really dangerous for them. However, the simple rubbing against some can already be harmful to any of our pets.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your house with these elements, let’s see which plants do not pose a risk if they are close to your pets.

It is a perfect plant for large spaces.

It is a tropical tree that is grown as an indoor plant. Its care is very simple, since it is enough to maintain the necessary humidity and that it gives it a lot of light, although it should not reach it directly.

The shape of its leaves will give an elegant touch to any room in your house, as it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful indoor plants. Also, it is one of the plants that are not dangerous for your pet!

The Calathea originates from the undergrowth of the Brazilian rainforest. Its botanical family consists of 25 different species, but they all coincide in the incredible design of their leaves.


Small in size and multiple shapes, these plants are ideal to have almost in any corner of the house. That has made them a favorite in homes and gardens.

You will always find the perfect one for your taste. In addition, its care is very simple, since it is enough to water it with a certain frequency (depending on the season in which we are) and place it in a place where it receives indirect light.

parlor palm tree
The living room palm tree is another of the plants that are not dangerous for your pet and that are perfect at home.

This plant needs more regular watering in summer, having to do it a couple of times a week. In winter, it will be enough to simply add a little water every two weeks.

Even so, it is a perfect plant for «beginners» in gardening, as it is very resistant and durable.

The cactus is another of the plants that are not dangerous for your pet, beyond the fact that it may get a puncture and the corresponding scare if it gets too close to sniffing it.

As you know, this family of plants native to America is very wide and you can find cacti of different sizes and shapes.


Another of the plants that have gained the most ground in home decoration is bamboo, being also very safe for animals.

In addition, there is the well-known «lucky bamboo», so perhaps, in addition to giving your home a nice touch with it, you will attract fortune.

The most determining factor in its care is that it needs to be located in a place where there is intense light, but without it reaching it directly. Also the habit of watering is essential.

If the bamboo sticks are in a container with water, it will have to be changed once a week during the winter and every two weeks if we are in summer. In addition, twice a week you have to vaporize its leaves.

The fern is another of the plants that are not dangerous for your pet, especially if you opt for those that hang down and, therefore, are inaccessible to animals.

It is important for its conservation that the fern receives natural light, but indirectly, by rebounding. Of course, in summer it is relevant to water it daily, even twice if it is very hot. In winter you can reduce watering. You also have to spray it frequently.

We have already seen which plants are not dangerous for your pet. Let’s see now some that are.

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