Smells that Dogs Hate

Smells That Dogs Hate

If you thought that the smells that you found pleasant or even delicious also liked your dog, we are sorry to tell you that you are wrong and that they may even be damaging the health of your dog. One of those things that dogs hate about humans and that many are unaware of, but that you should definitely start keeping your dog away from. And, just as there are foods that are healthier than others for them, there are smells that we often include in our daily lives that can irritate our furry’s nose or even put their life and health in danger.

dogs and smells

The sense of smell in dogs

But before knowing what those smells are, it is important that you understand that the sense of smell in dogs is one of the most developed senses, being even 10,000 times more sensitive than the sense of taste and even more acute than their vision. A smell that, compared to ours, also differs a lot, having between 200 and 300 million olfactory receptors, compared to the five million that humans can have. So important is the sense of smell for dogs, that it can be said that dogs can «see» through their nose thanks to that particular sensitivity they have to differentiate smells.

But it is precisely that sensitivity, which can also cause us to have totally different tastes when it comes to preferring certain fragrances or smells. And it is that what for us can be a pleasant fruity or fresh smell, for them it can be their worst nightmare. Precisely for this reason and to avoid that type of irritating odors for our dogs, we have drawn up a list of the ten smells that your dog cannot bear.


Vinegar is another of those smells that are quite strong for the nose of any dog ​​and even for ours on some occasions. Although there are those who recommend diluting it in water or even mixing it with shampoo to kill fleas and ticks, due to the repulsion that its smell produces to dogs even in small quantities, our recommendation is to avoid using it even in those cases.


Although putting a few drops of perfume before leaving the house is like a ritual for you and although its smell may be especially delicious, dogs do not like this smell. One of the reasons is because of the large amount of chemical ingredients it contains, which can often irritate the respiratory tract and another reason that we often ignore is that our dog recognizes us through our body odor and perfume what it does precisely is mask it.


Alcohol is another one of those smells that dogs hate. An odor that may bother them more or less depending on the degrees that the alcohol contains and we are not only referring to the smell of alcoholic beverages, but also to antiseptic alcohol. This is one of the main reasons why its use is totally discouraged for applying it to dogs in case of injuries.

Smells that dogs hates

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products with strong, scented odors, ammonia and especially bleach are by far the most hated odors for dogs. And it is that, not only are they especially unpleasant for them, but they are also highly harmful for them, being able to produce irritation in the respiratory tract and in the esophagus if they inhale them directly. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of cleaning when your dog is away from home.

Nail polishes and nail polish removers

Both nail polish and nail polish removers are other products and smells most hated by dogs, mainly due to the large amount of chemical compounds they contain and the presence of alcohol in them. As for nail polish removers, acetone is one of the most annoying odors for them, so try to use nail polish removers without acetone or apply these types of cosmetics away from them.


The smell of tobacco is another of those smells that dogs most detest and not just the smell. Tobacco itself and the fact that they can be passive smokers, can affect the health of our furry, leading to cell damage, weight gain or even cancer.

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