What does it mean when a cat climbs on you?

Are you one of those who think that cats are special animals? At TecnoMd we are convinced of this. Their communication code and behavior show how rich their psychology is. If you follow us, you know that they select the people with whom they forge close and lasting bonds. Unlike what happens when does not lie down on you, the motivations for a cat to get on you are usually positive.

In the next lines, we are going to stop at the causes that explain what it means when a cat climbs on you. Beyond the meow, which they have developed solely to communicate with us, kittens display a wide range of social behaviors to highlight their hierarchies, philias and phobias. The gesture at hand is no exception. If you continue reading, you will know why they do it.

Are you one of those who think that cats are special animals


Physical interaction in cats is associated with marking as social recognition. That is, when he brushes against you, rubs against you, licks you, nibbles you, butts his head, urinates on you or kneads you, it is impregnating you with its pheromones to leave its scented mark on you. By your side he feels safe and, therefore, you are worthy of his trust. He needs to let the world know and that’s why he impregnates you with his pheromones. You are marked and create a group smell.


Another unequivocal motivation that explains what it means when a cat climbs on you is the demonstration of affection. If you know how to respect his space and his routines, satisfy his basic needs and make an effort to make him feel accompanied, for example by often playing with him, it is natural that he will not hate you. On the contrary, he feels such appreciation and affinity for you that he will not hesitate to seek physical contact. He will demand caresses on your lap.

Otherwise, if your feline rejects physical contact, we recommend you review these Signs that your cat hates you to remedy it.

What does it mean when a cat climbs on you? - Keen


Other times, in line with the territoriality that characterizes them by instinct, your cat can climb on top of you to enjoy a panoramic view from a high place and feel safe.shows you her belly. Therefore, leaving shelters at height at their disposal is an excellent way to keep them balanced by providing them with escape routes if necessary. This feeling of control provides them with security and well-being, something undeniable when


Do you know that the average body temperature of kittens is 38 ºC? Unless the heat is excessive, your cat will look for the sun’s rays, a radiator or your comfortable anatomy to contemplate what is happening around it or take a nap. Your body offers him a fluffy and warm surface, without forgetting that your smell is familiar to him and your heartbeat or the sound of your breathing calms him. Don’t hesitate to show affection every time you get on.


It is no coincidence that in some cultures these animals are considered talismans, capable of repelling or absorbing negative energies and protecting their loved ones. If your cat climbs on top of you, he may be wanting to protect or comfort you , because he perceives you as sad or worried. Asian cultures believe that when a cat climbs on top of a person unknown to it, it is carrying a message from their spiritual guides.


Especially with strangers or people they are not familiar with, cats, some breeds more than others (the Siamese and the Japanese Bobtail, among others), feel the urge to jump on them to sniff them and < /span>. Likewise, they can behave this way with the people they live with if something has caught their attention and they need to find out or prove their suspicions.determine whether or not they pose a threat to them


The demand for attention is another powerful trigger for this behavior. If you don’t often spend time playing together or he hasn’t seen you in hours, it’s natural for him to decide to climb on top of you to greet you and, step, get your attention. You will see that he rubs against you, purrs and meows to ask for company, caresses, food, a toy, etc. Your body will be relaxed; his pupils dilated and his tail erect. Heed his call.


In less favorable cases, the reason why your cat climbs on you is to relieve his discomfort, physical or mental . You meet all the conditions to comfort him, especially if it involves psychological conditions such as stress. When there is a physical illness, they tend to isolate themselves, as well as show lack of appetite and neglect their body hygiene. If their routines have changed, you should not postpone visiting the vet.


The positive reinforcement through the repetition of actions that are pleasant to him every time he climbs on top of you transmits the message of who must act this way. Thus, another reason that explains what it means when a cat climbs on you has to do with learning. If you spend a lot of time with him or have forged a strong bond, it is natural that affection and habit intermingle to trigger this behavior.