Why do cats like the sun?

Why do cats like the sun?

Who has not seen a cat lying on a sofa where the sun’s rays pass through the nearest window and hit it directly? Well, this situation is so common among all of us who have a feline as a companion animal that it has led us to ask ourselves why do cats like the sun?

There are many theories and / or myths that affirm that cats like the sun and that is clear because there is no kitten who does not like to take it somewhere warm and comfortable, either inside or outside the home, but if you want to discover why, keep reading this Animal Wised article and you will know immediately why cats like the sun so much.


Benefits of sunbathing for cats

If the cats look for sources of heat in every corner of the house or outdoors, it will be for something, and if this action brings them something good, better than better. Therefore, below we are going to explain what the benefits of sunbathing for cats are:

Balances your body temperature

Cats are domesticated felines that, if they were wild, would sleep and rest during the day and hunt their prey at night. By keeping them as pets, this rhythm of life no longer corresponds to them but even so, they tend to spend most of the daytime recharging their strength and sleeping in a warm place where, if possible, the sun’s rays hit directly. And why is this? Because the body temperature of cats, like that of all mammals, decreases when sleeping because by being still and relaxed, their body does not burn any type of energy and caloric expenditure decreases, so they seek to compensate for this difference in temperature and prefer to sleep in hot areas or those that are directly exposed to the sun’s rays as in front of the windows, balconies, or sofas. Why do cats feel cold too ?


Source of vitamin D

Everyone knows that thanks to the king star, our skin absorbs the sun’s rays, and our body can synthesize the vitamin D we need for the whole body to function properly, and the same thing happens with cats. The sun’s rays help felines to obtain the vitamin D that their body needs but not as much as we would like since, despite how important it is, it has been shown that cat hair blocks the ultraviolet rays responsible for this process and that the contribution of this vitamin is negligible compared to other living beings. What does provide the necessary amount of vitamin D to cats is a good diet, so it must be balanced and appropriate for their age.

For pure pleasure

The last but not least benefit of sunbathing for cats is the pleasure that this activity brings them. And the thing is that there is nothing more that kittens like than to lie down somewhere warm and comfortable to take a good nap. But what cats really like is not the sun’s rays but the source of heat that it provides. Did you know that these animals are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 50 ºC and adapt to all kinds of climates, be they cold or hot? Well, how can they not enjoy sunbathing anywhere?

Still, is the sun good for cats?

Yes, but moderately. Despite the fact that it has been shown that cats can live without the Sun, especially when they are domestic cats that live in indoor flats where it does not face directly and never go outside, our pets will be much happier if they can enjoy of a peaceful nap at the foot of the bed or in other warm areas of our house.

Although cats like the sun , it is necessary to monitor and ensure that our kitten does not take it in excess, especially in summer and if it is a cat without hair or with little fur, because otherwise it could suffer some of these problems or conditions:

  • Heat stroke in cats.
  • Caring for a cat in summer.

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