Why do dogs like to look out the window?

Surely you have already noticed that dogs like to look out the window. They can spend hours in front of the glass observing what happens outside. But why do they like this so much? And, above all, is it good for them that they spend so much time glued to the window? Let’s look at all these issues.

Why do dogs like to look out the window

Why do dogs like to look out the window?

The truth is, dogs have good reason to love looking outside at home. And the truth is that this has benefits for them.

These are some of the reasons.

Olfactory stimulation
As you know, smell is the most developed sense of dogs. If the window of your house is ajar, through it different smells will reach your pet that will favor its stimulation.

entertains them
Spending time observing what is happening outside is mental entertainment for them, which favors their well-being.

Without a doubt, it is a very economical way to combat canine boredom.

On cold days, but when the sun shines, being near a window that lets the rays through will be very positive for your furry.

They like to rest in the warmth, in addition to receiving that light is very healthy for them, since it provides vitamin D, essential for the body to function correctly.

In addition, sunlight also helps secrete serotonin, which improves mood.

Negative aspects of a dog looking out the window

The truth is that looking out the window, although it has the aforementioned benefits, also has not so positive aspects for the animal.

Most of these aspects are derived from the fact that some dogs receive so much stimuli when they look outside that it is difficult for them to manage them.

But let’s see exactly what those problems could be:

Leaks: depending on how the window is and the height at which it is located, some dogs have the ability to open it and escape, being able to get lost and/or suffer accidents. If, on top of that, the dog in question is a male that is not neutered and smells like a bitch in heat, the problem can get worse.

Territorial behavior: As we mentioned before, one of the reasons dogs like to look out the window is because they are observing what they consider to be their territory. Seeing a continuous coming and going of people, cars, other animals, etc., it can happen that your pet develops very territorial behaviors, becoming very nervous and barking at everything it sees moving.

Sun damage: it is true that receiving sunlight is very healthy for the dog, but in a moderate way. If the animal is exposed too much to direct rays, it can suffer sunburn, especially on parts with little pigment or little hair, such as the nose, abdomen, ears or lips.

Fears: there are dogs that develop fears or phobias of external noises. It may be because when they were little they did not socialize properly and they are not used to certain normal sounds of the street. But it can also occur because they are afraid of the noises caused by fireworks or storms, something that is very common in animals. In those cases, keeping dogs near windows is not very advisable.

How to help your dog look out the window safely

As you have been able to verify, dogs like to look out the window and this has positive effects for them, but also negative ones. Therefore, the ideal is that you observe your pet and decide when it is good for her or not to look.

If it is appropriate, you can make it easier for him to observe.

Unless the window glass reaches the ground, ideally you should place furniture that allows your pet to stand up to look out the window.

This piece of furniture must be adequate based on the physical characteristics and conditions of the animal.
If possible, at the top of that «command post», place a blanket or bed so that the animal can lie down.
Of course, you must take extreme security measures, not only with the area where your dog is going to sit or lie down to observe, but also with the window itself. This must be completely closed or open in some way that it is impossible for the dog to escape through it.

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