Why is it important that your dog sniffs during the walk?

Why is it important that your dog sniffs during the walk?

It is quite likely that during one of your pet’s walks, you have become a bit desperate that he stops to smell everything with every step he takes. Maybe you’ve even scolded him once and yanked on his leash to get him going. We must tell you that you should not do it, since the dog stops to sniff is very relevant to him. But why is it important for your dog to sniff during the walk?

Why is it important that your dog sniffs during the walk

The smell of dogs

The smell of dogs is one of the most developed senses of this animal, being more incredible than you think.

For example, your pet is able to track and remember certain odors even if it goes a long time without smelling them. This is because the respiratory system of dogs is connected to an area of ​​the brain called the amygdala. This area is linked to memory and emotions, so it allows you to accurately remember those smells that you have perceived during your life.

In addition to this, it is essential to know that canine smell is made up of between 200-300 million receptors, making it easier for it to recognize a million odors. This is far removed from the olfactory capabilities of humans: we have 5 million receptors and can recognize four thousand odors.

Having this information will surely make it easier for you to understand why your dog loves to smell everything in its path and why it is important that your dog sniffs during the walk.

Why does my dog ​​like to smell everything?

Your pet’s walk is crucial for it to get physical exercise, as well as for its mental well-being. It is also a way to relax the dog.

Additionally, going out is a way of enriching themselves, as it helps them to receive many different stimuli than what they have at home: noise from the street, contact with other people and animals… and, of course, new smells.

As we said before, smell is one of the senses that your furry pet has the most developed. Much more than touch or sight.

That extra development helps him make up for what he lacks in others, so that thanks to smell, dogs can «see» and «know» the world better.

That is the reason that explains why a dog likes to sniff everything in its path so much when they go down the street: they are recognizing their environment and discovering new information.

Why is it important that your dog sniffs during the walk?

Taking into account what has been explained, it is understood that while your dog is sniffing every corner, stone, bench leg, lamppost, etc. you are receiving very detailed information.

Therefore, it is important that your dog sniffs as much as possible during the walk because you are allowing him to explore his environment.

With this, you provide him with greater mental stimulation and, consequently, make him happier.

In addition, it is essential to remember that dogs know each other through smell. Especially the smell of their butts thanks to the anal glands!

Letting them receive olfactory information from their peers is also a way to stimulate them and to socialize.

For all these reasons, it is crucial that your dog sniffs during the walk and that he does it calmly. That means that the quality of the ride is more valuable than the quantity.

Think of it like this: a 500-meter walk in an hour is better than a 5-kilometer walk in an hour. Because? Because that will mean that the dog has been able to walk those 500 meters recognizing the environment thanks to its sense of smell with ease.

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