Alternatives to dog food

Alternatives to dog food

The feed is probably the most widespread canine food option. This can be explained thanks to its price (in certain ranges and brands) and how easy it is to manage, store and preserve it. In addition, we find feed for dogs of all ages and physical conditions.

The feed is probably the most widespread canine food option. This can be explained thanks to its price (in certain ranges But despite these advantages, we cannot forget that many of the most popular ones do not have a very recommendable composition for a basically carnivorous animal like the dog, the ingredients are of low quality and, furthermore, they are subjected to manufacturing processes that affect its nutritional quality. For all these reasons, there are many caregivers who consider other higher quality options for feeding their dog. But what are the alternatives to dog food ?and brands) and how easy it is to manage, store and preserve it. In addition, we find feed for dogs of all ages and physical conditions.

Homemade natural food

«If I don’t have dog food, what can I give him?» It is one of the most frequent doubts if the feed runs out and it cannot be replaced immediately. Before the commercialization of feed, dogs were fed homemade food for people. Thus, this option consists of selecting the ingredients ourselves , buying them and preparing the food for the dog with them . But homemade food is not synonymous with sharing our dishes or our leftovers with the dog. For this diet to be successful and not end up causing nutritional problems, it is essential to have knowledge of canine nutrition, so it will be necessary to contact a veterinary nutritionistthat can prepare the menu that our dog needs, both in terms of the combination of ingredients and the quantities.

All natural food, whether homemade or marketed, as we will see in the following sections, has the advantage that it is very palatable . This means that for the dog it will be very tasty, so it is usual for it to ingest it without problems, even the most demanding or worst eaters. In addition, a quality diet has a direct impact on the health of the dog. We will notice it in his energy and in his coat, bright and healthy. For its part, the stools will give off less odor and will be less abundant, since the food will be well used, generating less waste.

The disadvantage of this diet is found in the difficulty to offer a balanced menu in case of not having the appropriate knowledge, the time required for cooking and the ease with which the food spoils at room temperature, being able to be a source of pathogens. 

Natural food cooked at low temperature

If what you are looking for is alternatives to dog food because you want to stop feeding your dog with this type of food, without a doubt, natural food that is already prepared is an excellent option. In this case, the natural ingredients, without additives, are subjected to low-temperature cooking, which preserves practically all of their nutrients . The food is packaged and shipped in packages that can be kept in the fridge or freezer. This is what we find in, for example, the Food for Joe cooked food , prepared by experts in canine nutrition, which can be ordered every 2, 4 or 6 weeks according to our needs and arrives at home frozen.

Therefore, this diet offers us all the advantages of homemade food , among which, without a doubt, its palatability stands out, but, also, that we do not need to have time to cook ourselves or to select and buy the ingredients. In addition, we do not have to worry about finding a nutrition expert to prepare a menu adapted to the needs of our dog, since the manufacturer takes care of that. The specific menus for each dog allow us to simply ask for them and have the peace of mind that we are covering all the nutritional needs of our dog. As disadvantages of this option, mention only that you will have to remove the leftovers and maintain the cold chain.

Alternatives to dog food – Natural food cooked at low temperature
dehydrated dog food
This type of food, as its name suggests, is prepared with natural ingredients that have been dehydrated. When serving, just add water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In general, it is a food that dogs find appetizing, so it will be easy for them to eat it. Like the rest of the natural food, it provides the benefits that having quality ingredients means for the health of the dog. On the other hand, it will also spoil quickly if left at room temperature.

BARF diet

This diet is based on offering the dog raw food , such as meat, viscera or bones, just as the animal would find it in nature. The advantage is that it is a diet made up of natural products, being able to select the best quality, which are combined in a personalized menu for each dog. But, as we pointed out for homemade food, it cannot be done without the supervision of an expert in canine nutrition . In other words, the BARF diet cannot be based on bones or pieces of meat that are left over from our plates. You have to balance the menu very well so that the result is not a nutritional problem, but you also have to know that this diet has some health risks.

Thus, raw foods can be a source of pathogens that can be transmitted to animals and people, such as bacteria or parasites. Although freezing manages to eliminate them , it is essential to know what time and what temperature is needed to consider the food safe. Finally, comment that there is controversy regarding this diet, since it is doubted that the dog should eat the same as a wolf would, not subjected to a long process of domestication.

Alternatives to dog food – BARF Diet
What is the best alternative to dog food?
In conclusion, if we have to stay with the best alternative to dog food, we would choose natural food prepared at home, of course, provided that we have the supervision of a veterinarian who is an expert in canine nutrition and enough availability to cook. the menu.

However, we do not always have the time to cook or the resources to hire the advice of a veterinarian specialized in nutrition. For this reason, being realistic, and taking into account our current pace of life, natural food cooked at low temperature , prepared by professionals , personalized to the characteristics of our dog and that we will only have to ask for and serve, such as the one we have mentioned from Food for Joe, is the most recommended alternative to dog food.

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