Dogs with fear, how to help them

Dogs with Fear

Sadly scared dogs are more common than we think. The truth is that life can be very cruel with these animals and when they arrive in a good home they can bring trauma that makes them fearful of everything. Although it is a regrettable situation, the truth is that much less is something that cannot be corrected.

If you are one of those who says «my dog ​​is afraid of everything», the following text is for you. Here we will talk about how you can help your pet overcome his fears and get him to integrate easily into his environment. We hope that the advice we will give you will be helpful and that you will be able to help your dog.

Dogs with fear, how to help them

How to help a Dog with Fear

Dogs can suffer fear for different reasons, although in many cases the trigger is usually the same. We as their caregivers, as their friends, can help them get through this bad time.

One of the most common mistakes when dealing with fearful dogs is wanting to overprotect them. However, when the dog goes through a crisis of this type, it is very important that we act as at any other time. That way, your pet won’t associate the situation with something bad or dangerous.

This becomes vital especially at party times when there is a lot of noise or during storms. The dog can feel scared and even seek our company, but it is crucial that you do not act differently and downplay what happens, we assure you that in the long run your dog will appreciate it.

Show peace of mind

Dogs often imitate the attitudes of the people around them. That way, if you are a calm person, who maintains your composure when there are loud noises or a storm, for example, it is very likely that your pet will imitate your attitudes. Therefore, staying calm will help them a lot and will transmit calm and security to them in moments when they really need it.

how to help a dog with fear

Keep it entertained

At times, for example, when the rain is raging and you know that your dog is scared for no reason, you should resort to play to calm him down. In this sense, throwing a ball or running with it and even feeding it to focus on other issues will be of great help. Remember that food, although it helps, is an incentive that does not last long; therefore, it is important to have an extra plan so that you focus on other things and forget the irrational fear that paralyzes you.

It is normal that at certain times of the year things change profoundly. For example, this usually happens during the holidays or in stormy times, when loud noises are more likely to scare your pet. In those moments the important thing is that nothing changes at home. Make sure that the decoration is not very invasive, close the blinds tightly or any other activity that alters its behavior.

Dogs are routine animals and they will help you greatly when you are in fear. Do it like this and you will see that in a short time your pet will begin to live together normally.

Fearful dogs need you to give them security

When your dog shows signs of fear in unfamiliar situations, it is important that you remain calm. If as leader of the pack you do not express any concern, the dog will realize that the danger cannot be that serious. For fear-prone dogs, it can be helpful to be proactive now with small insecurities and master «dangerous situations» together. In no way should you scold your dog in such circumstances. Also, over-comforting can backfire. This does not mean that you should ignore him: talk to him in a comforting way, but do not give him too much pampering.

If you haven’t made any progress and your dog is very fearful under certain circumstances, it may be worth considering, whenever possible, avoiding these stressful situations with your dog. Otherwise, find a dog trainer who can help you find a solution.

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