How to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden

How to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden

Most of the time it happens that cats see gardens (their own and others’) as large litter boxes where they can relieve themselves. This behavior is very annoying, you have to admit it. Therefore, we bring you some tips to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden.

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Tricks to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden

There are several ways to scare cats out of a garden. It is not possible to speak of greater or lesser effectiveness of each one, since they work differently depending on the area of ​​the garden where they urinate, the number of cats that do it, if they are stray or their own cats, etc.

For this reason, we present several ideas to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden and thus you can choose the ones that you think will best come to you.

  • Odor repellants

Smell repellants can be found at hardware or garden stores. The most common ones come in aerosol or granule format.

The use of one or the other will depend on the area to be covered. For example, in the case of large areas, it is best to place the granules.

  • Strong natural scents: citrus and others 

Another way to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden thanks to repelling them by the smell, is to use more natural elements than a spray.

For example, among the scents that cats and dogs do not like is that of citrus. Therefore, a good idea is to spread their husks around the garden, even if these have to be replaced often.

You can also make a citrus compound. Acquire essential oils with these scents and mix 10-15 drops in water. Then, put them in a sprayer and apply around the garden.

  • Motion sensor sprinklers

If what you want is to prevent the cat from urinating in the garden at a time when you know that neither you nor anyone else is going to walk through it (for example, at night), you can use the motion sensor water sprinklers to scare away the felines.

Every time one enters the garden, they will be put into operation by spraying the cat with water, which will make it run away in terror.

In addition to this and since the vast majority of cats hate water, if you have the opportunity to water the plants in your garden and you see a cat sneaking in, wet it a little with the hose. It is harmless and very effective.

How to avoid cats to pee in the garden

if it is your own cat, "give it" an exclusive area in your garden

Sometimes it happens that it is our own cat who sees fit to relieve himself in the garden. Therefore, it may not bother us so much that if stray cats do, but even so, we would like to control it.

One option for this is to make a certain area of ​​the garden attractive to your cat.

Cats like the sun, so you can choose an area where it hits directly. Narrow down that area, add sand so he can actually urinate in it, and plant catnip nearby. Your cat will forget about the rest of the garden!

Make your garden unattractive to cats

Normally, we like to see our beautiful and well-kept gardens, so this option is not very popular. However, there you go, in case it helps.

It is about doing the opposite of what was mentioned in the previous point. That is, take away all the attractiveness of the garden for cats. There are several ways to do this:

  • Apply mulch. Cats don’t like the sensation of stepping on large chunks of mulch.
  • The wire. A wire with 2.5 cm openings will cause a lot of rejection in felines, who are uncomfortable walking on it.

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