Types of Dog Beds

Type of Dog Beds

Just as rest is essential for you, it is also for your pet. For this reason, choosing among all the types of dog beds the one that best suits your faithful friend is not a task that you should take lightly. Let’s see the main options!

Type of Dogs bets

Before venturing out to buy a bed for your pet, you should take into account several important factors.

Among what you should consider to choose the dog bed, is:

The size of the animal. Keep in mind that if you want a bed that will last for many years, you will need to consider the size of the dog as an adult.
The weight.
Your physical condition.
The position in which you sleep.
His temperament. If your dog is a biter, you will have to provide him with a bed made of a very resistant material.
Where do you want to place the bed?

Classic Bed

It is the traditional model of pet bed, provided with a mattress.

Its shape can be square, oval, rectangular or rounded.

It can also vary in other characteristics, such as whether it is removable or not.

Orthopedic Bed

It is, of the types of beds for dogs, the ideal one for those dogs that are elderly, that have some illness that prevents them from moving correctly or that are recovering from an operation.

The orthopedic bed for dogs has a rigid mattress that promotes a perfect posture for the animal’s joints and bones, relieving pressure.

They can be found in different models, being useful for both small and large dogs.

Igloo bed

This bed is ideal for dogs that like to take refuge and seek privacy, because of its shape they will feel very safe inside.

They are very useful for cold places or for cold times of the year. They are usually made of cotton and plush.

The only «con» is that they are not usually large, so they are perfect for small breeds.

Waterproof beds
They are a very practical type of dog bed, especially when your pet is a dog that is going to give birth, an elderly or sick dog.

Their main characteristic is that they are easy to clean and very durable.

Nest dog bed
From its name it can be inferred that the nest bed is that bed in the shape of a nest. Normally, they are made up of a wicker basket and a separate mattress.

Like the igloo beds, the nests are not very big either, so they are more functional for puppies and small breed dogs.

Wooden bed
It is one of the most beautiful types of dog beds when it comes to design.

That’s because they have a wooden structure that can be as elaborate as you want (you can even make it yourself if you’re good at DIY).

Sleeping bag type bed

One of the most curious types of dog beds is the sleeping bag type bed.

Basically, it consists of a mini sleeping bag, adapted to the characteristics of the animal.

It is a padded, foldable bed that can be collected in a bag, so if you go camping with your dog, it is an essential element.

Sofa bed for dogs
If your pet loves to climb on your sofa, it is best that you give him one of his own.

There are many models available and you will surely find the right one so that it does not clash with your living room.

Thermal and refreshing beds
Heated dog beds are ideal for convalescent older dogs, those in a post-operative stage or dogs with osteoarthritis.

Its heat function will minimize the pain when getting up, since they help you maintain the temperature of your joints.

For their part, the cooling beds have an internal gel that allows the dog’s body temperature to be refreshed when it lies on it. They are ideal for summer.

Cushions and rugs
They are traditional resting elements. Perfect for very large and heavy dogs, but also for small breeds.

There is a wide variety of models, colors and sizes.

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