Why does my cat drool when I pet it?

Why does my cat drool when I pet it?

Like us, felines can drool for different reasons and in response to various stimuli. Salivation is a normal and healthy phenomenon of your body, although it can be worrying when it occurs excessively or suddenly.

Have you ever indulged your cat by pampering her favorite areas and watched as a little fountain of slime spouted from her little mouth? So, surely you have already wondered why your cat drools when you pet him.

Why do cats drool when we pet them?

Surely you already know this sensation of excessive salivation when you see, smell or just think of a tasty meal that «makes your mouth water», or you have already noticed a small drool stain on your pillow when you wake up from a delicious nap. In these cases, the slime appears as a positive reflection against stimuli and situations that we like or relax us. In a very similar way to what happens with us, a healthy cat can drool when perceiving stimuli that he likes and when experiencing pleasant, funny or relaxing moments .

If your cat drools when you pet him, purrs and rubs his cheeks or his head on your hands or feet, he is saying that he enjoys being with you and receiving your cuddles. Your feline may also drool at the smell or taste of catnip or catnip , and at the scent of her favorite food. Although the percentage of cats that experience this phenomenon is not very high.

When is excessive salivation a concern?

Like we said, drooling can be a natural and positive aspect of your cat’s behavior. But it is important to be careful to know how to differentiate the “pleasure babitas” from excessive and sudden salivation, which can be a symptom of intoxication , poisoning or certain pathologies.

When a cat drools for pleasure, this behavior is usually present since childhood and is repeated regularly in the face of pleasant stimuli, appearing as a pleasant and spontaneous response from its body. Plus, pleasurable slime almost always shows up as tiny, clear, liquid droplets that aren’t smelly or sticky.

If your cat begins to salivate excessively in an unusual way or without ever having done so, it is essential to consult your trusted veterinarian. The same applies in case of perceiving alterations in the color, texture and aroma of your slime.

Are you paying due attention to your cat’s oral health?

Animals can salivate excessively, have bad breath and accumulate tartar on their teeth and gums as a result of poor oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is essential care to preserve the health of your pet and provide effective and adequate preventive medicine. Although our cats can be very independent in their daily lives, they need our help to guarantee their oral health, so if you notice that your cat drools when you caress it and you suspect that this may be the reason, do not hesitate to go to the vet.

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