Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

If you’re a proud feline owner, you’ve probably wondered why your cat follows you everywhere . It is common for those who have a good bond with their cat to start observing their best friend behind them all over the house, no matter if they go to their bedroom, the kitchen, or even the bathroom!

You are their secure base

When they are puppies, kittens follow their mother everywhere, in this way they learn everything from her and at the same time feel much safer. Many owners, and even if the cat is an adult, maintain a parent -child relationship with it, taking care of it as a mother would : feeding it, cleaning her box, taking care of it, motivating it to play and offering it affection.

Precisely for this reason it is not uncommon for your cat to follow you everywhere. Being away from his mother and siblings, the cat needs a secure base to lean on and that is you. He knows that with you he will be protected and all his needs will be met. This, of course, will reward him with his unconditional love and companionship.

It entertains him to see you

It is very common for «indoor cats» to get bored easily by not being able to carry out the typical exploration and hunting activities that most felines entertain themselves with. That is why, when the cat feels very bored, he can find the task of following you a great stimulation.

Also, if you spend many hours a day away from home, it is very likely that when you return, what your cat wants most is to be with you, even if this means following you everywhere. If you think that he shows several symptoms of a bored cat , do not hesitate and start spending more time with him.

He’s patrolling his territory

In nature, part of the daily activities of cats is to go around the spaces they consider their territory several times, both to spread their scent and to ward off possible intruders. If you notice that he is constantly rubbing against the furniture and even against you, your cat is undoubtedly patrolling and marking the area.

Being in a closed house or an apartment, the feline cannot carry out the same behavior that it would in the wild, but your coming and going around the house may suggest that you also monitor the territory, so it decides to accompany you in your task. As if that were not enough, cats are routine, so if he is already used to going after you, it is likely that he will continue to do so.

need your help

Cats commonly prefer to hide when they feel discomfort or pain, adopting a silent and hostile attitude if you try to approach them. However, some cats do the opposite, coming to you with insistent meows if something ails them, because they feel that you can help them.

Similarly, sometimes stray cats chase strangers, especially if they already have cats at home. Perhaps something in the smell tells them that they will be fine with you and that they can be part of your «colony». Or maybe they just want a little food, water, or a simple cuddle. Homeless cats suffer a lot on the streets, with no one to look after them and exposed to cold, hunger and unscrupulous people who try to harm them.

He’s playing catch

Playtime is very important to cats, especially if it involves chasing and catching prey. A cat in the wild is capable of hunting several preys a day, not necessarily to feed on them but for fun and because the hunting instinct dictates so.

Of course, this situation changes when you have a cat that does not have access to the outside, but the feline necessarily continues to require the stimulation that includes the chase, since this instinct is not canceled even if all its needs are met.

For this reason, it is common for a cat that does not have the stimuli to release that energy to tend to try to hunt the birds that come to the window or to chase you around the house, and even stalk you from some corner, waiting for you to pass by to «attack» your cats. legs, for example. In this way, he not only obeys his instinct, but also has fun with you.

If you are one of the people who prefers that their cat does not surprise them unexpectedly, we recommend that you buy different toys that they can chase to spend long hours with them, making them enjoy themselves. And remember, do not hesitate to visit our youtube channel to see homemade toys for cats that you can make yourself.

He loves being with you!

Contrary to what is believed, the cat really enjoys spending time with his human family, because they fill him with love, affection and pampering, who can be indifferent to all this? As the years go by, cats are increasingly sociable , so they love to be with you everywhere, even if this means following you around the house to see what you do.

Also, if he follows you, he will know when you sit or lie down to do something, and it will be his opportunity to lie down next to you and take a nap with his favorite person in the world.

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