Can cats eat banana?

Can cats eat banana?

The banana, banana or cambur, is a very healthy fruit, energetic and rich in potassium and magnesium, carbohydrates and vitamins, all of them nutrients that make it a good food for people’s health. 

However, they are not recommended for cats due to their carnivorous nature and the amount of sugar they contain. Although your cat does not reject eating a little banana and nothing will happen if he eats a small amount from time to time, this food is not necessary for his proper health and the obtaining of nutrients, so you can save yourself by giving him fruits like this. In addition, some cats may show signs of food allergy or feel unwell.

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Are bananas bad for cats?

Actually, bananas are not bad for cats , as long as they are offered very small amounts and from time to time, never daily, much less in a diet based solely on fruits and vegetables. Unlike omnivorous animals that can take advantage of and obtain nutrients from vegetables, our cats are carnivorous by nature , so they only obtain energy and essential nutrients from animal tissue, with animal proteins being the fundamental part of their diet. , followed by fat.

Bananas in particular are also very rich in carbohydrates, especially when they are very ripe. Such sugar content is not good for the body of our feline, which is not adapted to diets rich in carbohydrates , so its body could be affected, being prone to the development of diseases such as diabetes mellitus or obesity. In addition, some cats can experience an allergic reaction to even a minute consumption of bananas. To know if your cat is having such a reaction, you should pay attention to the appearance of clinical signs such as itching or swelling of the throat or mouth, as well as of the mucous membranes, symptoms of suffocation or wheezing.


Benefits of banana for cats

As we say, the benefits of this fruit are really minimal for cats, however, offered from time to time it can provide some nutrients. Bananas have many benefits for people due to their nutritional content, highlighting the following nutrients:

Vitamin A
vitamin B1
vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
vitamin B6
Vitamin C
Folic acid
Vitamin E
vitamin k

Now, of all these benefits, which ones are really useful for cats if they eat bananas? The potassium content may be good for your cat’s heart and kidney health , but too much could also be detrimental. The folic acid in the banana helps to create new cells and protein metabolism, while the fiber helps the cat’s intestinal health , although an excess can cause diarrhea. Regarding the latter, the banana also has tannins that could protect against this condition due to its astringent action.

However, the banana hardly contains protein or fat , the most important macronutrients for the cat, so it is good to offer a little from time to time, but never routinely because it does not provide them with what they need for the correct maintenance of their health and obtaining nutrients.

How to give banana to a cat?
If you have decided to try giving your cat a little banana, you should know how to do it to avoid problems:

In the first place, you have to remove the skin of the banana in its entirety, also removing the strands and everything that can choke them or make them feel bad at the digestive level.
Next, you should cut the banana into small pieces so that your cat does not swallow them whole without chewing and could harm himself. Think that he is not used to eating this type of food and it could be very strange for him and he could even get scared and choke.
The amount you should give him is around a fifth of a banana at most (four or five pieces for an adult cat). Likewise, it is very important to watch while you take it to detect any signs of allergy and to be able to act quickly.


How often to give a cat banana?

As we have mentioned before, bananas are an unnecessary fruit in the diet of cats, so you could never give them at all. However, if you want to offer small amounts as a reward or as a special food, it is best to give your cat bananas very occasionally . There are other much more beneficial foods that you can also offer as a reward, such as pieces of dehydrated tuna, pieces of chicken breast, etc. In addition, there are other fruits and vegetables that are much more recommended for these animals, such as pumpkin or strawberry, although it is also important to limit their consumption.

Do cats like banana?

The truth is that cats may not taste the banana because they don’t detect the sweet taste, but they do detect the bitter, sour and salty taste. This has an explanation and it is that wild cats feed exclusively on meat, composed mostly of protein and fat and few complex carbohydrates (unlike those of fruits such as bananas), so they do not need to detect the taste sweet, since the meat is not, nor are they fed with a diet rich in carbohydrates like other animals.

For this reason, your cat may not like or dislike bananas, maybe he likes the textureand its freshness if you offer it to it in the summer somewhat refrigerated, but it is different from really enjoying its flavor. Definitely. it is best to give your cat a complete food intended for the feline species, since only these are formulated with the necessary nutrients for cats in their correct proportions and, if possible, look for one that contains at least 40% protein . Homemade diets are also one of the best options because they are made up of natural and fresh foods, but they must be established by a veterinarian specialized in feline nutrition in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

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