Water for Cats

My cat does not drink Water

It is common to find cats that do not drink enough water. This is a risk factor for the development of the dreaded FLUTD in cats. If you are one of those who wonders «My cat does not drink water, what can I do?» this article will help you.

Water for Cats

Risk of developing FLUTD

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is the generic name used in veterinary medicine to describe the set of diseases that affect the lower part of the urinary tract of cats. FLUTD in cats is very common and one of its main causes is the lack of proper hydration. Cats that don’t drink enough water are more prone to FLUTD and kidney problems. If you want to know more about urinary diseases in cats, we recommend that you read this article about FLUTD in cats. In it you will find tips to prevent urinary problems.

Why do cats not like water?

It is well known that cats are somewhat gourmets with food. Actually, something similar happens with the drink. If your cat isn’t drinking water and you’re wondering why, here are some possible explanations for the problem:

  • Plastic container: cats always prefer glass or stainless steel containers as drinkers. The plastic gives the water a certain flavor that they do not usually like. So if you are using a plastic container, try changing it to another of a more suitable material.
  • Dirty or not very recent water: cats always look for clean and fresh water. That is why it is common to see them from time to time trying to catch a few drops from the bidet faucet or the sink sink. Remember that if you do not change the water in the drinker frequently, your cat may reject it.
  • Wrong location of the water bowl: “I don’t understand why my cat doesn’t want to drink water!” some owners complain. However, when the location of the drinking fountain is analyzed, this complaint soon dissipates… Sometimes, the chosen location is totally wrong and works as a repellent for the cat. We refer to drinking fountains placed next to appliances as noisy as the washing machine, for example. Some owners do not realize it and place the water bowls in passageways that do not allow the cat to feel protected while drinking, or even put the bowl within the reach of the house dog, which does not discern and uses it as a water bowl for itself. All this can be an explanation why a cat does not drink water.

How much water does a cat need?

A cat of about 4 or 5 kilos needs between 200 and 250 milliliters of water a day (the equivalent of a glass). Some of it you get from your food, some is made by your body, and some you have to drink.

If your cat is fed wet food, they will need to drink less, but if they are fed only dry food, it only provides 6% water and they will need to drink to avoid health problems.

What can I do if my cat does not drink water?

There are many tricks that can help you if your cat is not drinking water. Our recommendation is that you try to find out their preferences:

Distribute several drinkers at different points of the house that the cat frequents more. Internal data from Affinity shows how increasing the number of drinkers increases water consumption.
Use drinkers made of different materials. Some cats don’t like plastic because it can flavor the water, but others do. Also, your cat will likely prefer a bowl that is filled to the brim.
Try different sizes of bowl: your cat may like it small, or it may be larger so its whiskers don’t touch the rims.
Place the waterers in quiet places, away from crowded places and noisy appliances. You should also place them away from the litter box.
Distribute his food in several feedings or leave it continuously so that he eats when he wants, since eating stimulates thirst.
Some cats like moving water. You can try running the faucet or buy a cat fountain. He may only play with his paws, but if he licks them afterwards, he’s already drinking. Others prefer bottled water. It is best to try and see what tastes your cat has.
Combine dry food with wet food, which contributes to its hydration.
As you can see, it is very important that your cat stays hydrated. If you find yourself saying «my cat doesn’t drink water», don’t worry, you have many ways to motivate him. Of course, if you have tried everything and your cat still does not drink, consult with the veterinarian.

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