Can Dogs eat Egg?

Can Dogs eat Egg?

People who have a dog as a pet want to see the animal grow up healthy and happy. To achieve this, one of the most important factors is to take care of your diet. For this reason, it is very normal for doubts to arise about which foods that are usually in our kitchens are suitable for them or not, since many choose to give a natural diet.

can dogs eat egg

Yes, dogs can eat eggs. In fact, all of it is good for dogs, so if you give it to them, it would not be necessary to separate the egg white from the yolk.

The chicken egg is an ideal food to complete a nutritious diet for dogs. Also, many benefits can be listed for them.

Egg benefits for dogs

Let’s see all the good that the egg can bring to your pet’s plate.

It contains essential amino acids: that is, everything that the animal’s body needs to obtain from its food directly, since it cannot synthesize it by itself.
High protein content: the composition of the eggs has a large percentage of protein, very favorable for the dog.
Vitamins and minerals: chicken eggs are a source of important vitamins such as A and some of the B complex. In addition, they also provide minerals such as iron, calcium and selenium.
Healthy fats: on the other hand, the egg is rich in good fats, that is, those necessary for the body. These are beneficial for your hair and your skin, for example. In the case of hair, it provides nutrition from inside the hair fibers, strengthening it and giving it shine.

Can dogs eat raw egg?

Now that you know that eggs can be included in the dog’s diet, it’s time to find out how it is best to give it to them.

In the case of the raw egg, yes, it is possible to offer it that way. Think that in nature dogs eat everything raw, often including the shell.

For this reason, experts are committed to a natural diet, so the raw egg is suitable for them. What’s more, they digest it better than humans. You can even give it a few pieces of shell, but always very ground.

Even so, it is important to take into account the negative details. The white of the egg when it is raw has a protein called avidin that prevents vitamin B7 or H from being absorbed correctly. This vitamin is essential for animals to maintain a correct metabolic function and a correct state of the mucous membranes, skin and hair, as well as a good functioning of the Central Nervous System.

How do I give my dog ​​eggs?

As we have seen, the best ways to offer eggs to the dog are:

Raw, well washed if you are going to give it a little peel. This must be crushed and the origin of the egg must be fresh and of quality.
Cooked or boiled, always without salt.
The egg can be added to the rest of the homemade food suitable for the animal.

As for the frequency, the professional recommendation is to give 1 egg, once or twice a week.

In any case, the exact answer for the case of each pet will be your trusted veterinarian, as there may be cases in which the consumption of eggs is not recommended.

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