Can I give my leftover food to my pet?

Can I give my leftover food to my pet?

When a pet comes into your life, one of the main issues you must understand is that its diet is essential for it to grow healthy and strong. And so you can enjoy their company for many years! Therefore, if you ask yourself «Can I give my food leftovers to my pet?», we invite you to know the answer.

Can I give my leftover food to my pet

Feeding of pets

Pet feeding is a topic that can give rise to multiple opinions. Many people believe that if a food is good for them, giving the same to their dog or cat will provide the same benefits. However, having that thought is a mistake that can lead the animal to disease.

To begin with, we must understand that the organism of animals does not work the same as that of people. That means that foods that, a priori, do not cause us any harm, can be toxic foods for dogs or cats. For example, onion, chocolate or avocados.

In addition to this, it must be understood that animals have their own nutritional needs and that these may even differ between them.

This is the case of cats and dogs. Cats are carnivorous animals, so the only important thing on their plate is meat. Their protein is where they get what they need to survive. For their part, dogs are omnivores, that is, they eat meat, but in their diet there may also be other types of components in small percentages, such as fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, giving him the leftovers of our lentils or our noodle soup is not feeding our pet.

Why not feed my pet leftovers?

The reasons are several, some already mentioned:

There are common foods in the human diet that are very harmful to pets. For example, in addition to those mentioned, we usually add salt to food, condiments, garlic… all of this is bad for dogs and cats.

We repeat that the nutritional needs are not the same in each animal. Giving your cat the leftovers of your pureed vegetables can satiate him, but he will not be receiving the nutrients he really needs at all.

Leftovers are just that, leftovers. In other words, even if you offer your cat the remains of your meat fillet, you will surely not be giving it the necessary proportion.

So what should pets eat?

The truth is that both the prepared food that is bought in pet stores and a diet prepared at home specifically for animals, can be suitable as long as they meet the specifications that the veterinary professional gives about the vitamins and nutrients that your pet needs. pet.

Many people think that a diet based on feed mainly as food is insufficient. However, high quality feed (croquettes) are made taking into account all the needs of the animal for which they are made. Hence also your cat should not eat dog food, or vice versa.

If you opt for a commercial diet, you must make sure that you choose the right one for your pet. That not only means giving the dog dog food and doing the same with the feline, but also making sure you choose the right food according to its age and breed.

You also have to take into account the specific medical conditions of each animal, for example, if it has kidney problems or allergies.

Finally, when it comes to feeding pets, it is important not only to choose the right food, but to provide it in the right amounts.

When less than is required is given, your pet will also not be receiving enough nutrients. On the other hand, when you give too much, problems such as overweight and obesity can appear.

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