Forbidden fruits and vegetables for dogs

Forbidden fruits and vegetables for dogs

There are fruits and vegetables that we should not give our dog under any circumstances and it is because they can seriously affect their health. If you have decided to start the BARF diet or you like to prepare homemade diets, you must remember that the dog is a carnivorous animal and should only consume a small proportion of green food in relation to its total diet.


Avocado is, by far, the most toxic fruit that we can give our dog. Inside it contains persin , a fungicidal substance found in the leaves, in the seed and in the flesh of the fruit itself. In addition, avocado has a high amount of vegetable fat and toxins. Given the spontaneous consumption of avocado by our dog, we can expect vomiting, stomach pain and even pancreatitis to occur. In addition, if there is a regular or excessive intake of this forbidden fruit for dogs, it can lead to deficiencies of the pulmonary system or affect the heart.


Although many people affirm about the high toxicity of citrus fruits , the reality is that they are not particularly harmful , although this does not make them a suitable fruit for your dog. Its high sugar content contributes to obesity.

Given excessive consumption of this type of fruit, the dog can develop gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea . Although not serious, these health problems are not beneficial for your furry friend. Avoid giving him citrus and offer him foods that he may like more.


Onions , garlic , leeks , and chives are toxic vegetables for your dog. Offering them daily or excessively in a single dose can be a serious problem since they contain trisulfate and can destroy red blood cells creating a high risk of anemia.


Another harmful and toxic fruit for your dog is grapes . Without being clear about the component that makes them intolerable for your body, we can say that they cause damage to the liver and/or kidneys. As a consequence of eating a large amount of grapes, our pet can suffer kidney failure.


Raw potatoes, leaves and stems are high in solanine which is not only toxic to dogs, but also to humans.

In this way and for it to become a product suitable for consumption we can boil it, with that it will be enough to be able to offer it to our dog. Remember that similar ones such as raw sweet potato should not be offered either.

Raisins and seeds

Other toxic foods for our pet are raisins and seeds . It is important to highlight the seeds or stones of fruits such as peaches, peaches, apples, apricots, cherries or plums, as they have a high cyanide content that the dog cannot digest.

In any case, remember that you can give them the meat of the fruit , always separating the seeds or the bone because it is a food rich in fiber that in small doses is healthy.

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