Names for Dogs 2022

Names for Dogs 2022

When we decide to have a dog, the preparations for its arrival are not few. But one of the ones that sometimes causes us the most headaches despite its simplicity is naming our new pet.

Names for Dogs 2022

Names for Dogs

Size is one of the first particularities of dogs that we usually take as a reference when choosing a name.

In small-sized dogs, names like Chico, Chiqui or Mico can be very effective.

Small proportions can be synonymous with speed.

If your dog is small and fast, the Spark and Lightning options would work very well in that case.

Pluto would also be a most original choice.

Names for Big Dogs

Bruno and Sultan are widely used as names for large dogs.

Sun to refer to the immense proportions of the star.

Big or Fat, in the affectionate sense, are also interesting choices, in the same way that if we refer to other animals of high size such as Wolf, Bear or Fox.

Luna, Kira and Thor, as you will see if you continue reading, will appear throughout this list of dog names repeatedly since they are among the most used by owners when it comes to «baptizing» their pets.

Names for Dogs of Movies Character

For those of us who love the world of celluloid, movies are a constant source of inspiration for choosing a name for our furry best friend. Our favorite films and their main protagonists mark us so much that it is increasingly common to call pets by their names, either because of their physical resemblance to our hero or heroine or because of their similar qualities or their similar character.

Rocky, Simba, Golfo or Perdita are options that are repeated frequently. Some of the successful sagas of history are chosen over and over again, such as the classics Luke and Leia from Star Wars, or Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings. Although it is the superhero cinema that has two of the names most used by dog ​​owners, such as Thor and Hulk. Animation also has a lot of influence when it comes to naming our pets, see the repeated cases of Baloo, Pongo or Fiona.

Names of Series Characters for Dogs

And if movies are possibly our first reference when it comes to choosing the best name for my dog, television series are about to unseat tapes as the first resource for it, if they haven’t succeeded by now. Given the phenomenon that has led to the creation of platforms to watch streaming content such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime, television fictions have emerged as the first choice of a viewing public that has everything they want at the touch of a button, the remote control.

This new era is led by the success of great giants such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, in which countless pet owners set their sights on choosing a name for their pet. There are not a few dogs named Arya, Jon, Tyrion, Khalessi or Heisenberg. Kira (Death Note) also stands out as one of the most common names, as well as others like Ragnar or Floki (Vikings) and Homer (The Simpsons). There will always be other more classic cuts of famous and unforgettable dogs like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin.

Names of hystorical Characters for Dogs

The history of humanity has left us over the centuries a list of unforgettable characters who, with their actions, whether for better or for worse, have left their name engraved forever. Therefore, in the case of choosing the best name for my dog, it is a great idea to opt for that of a determining human figure (hopefully for the better) in our history. Nelson, Dalí, Copernicus, Einstein or Winston can be great options for your furry best friend. Also, and of course, we can choose the names of historical dogs that, like the aforementioned humans, changed history.

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