Summer plans with dogs

Summer plans with dogs

Summer has arrived and it seems that the heat not only activates us, but our four-legged companions also want to go out and enjoy the sun, the beach and the relaxation that this season offers.


Take your dog to the pool

It is one of the best ways to continue exercising your dog in summer and for it to discharge all the energy it carries inside, without being overheated. If your dog is not used to water, do not force it, as you could generate the opposite reaction. Let him gradually come into contact with the pool and be the first to set an example by taking a dip.

Obviously, you should go to a dog-friendly pool . Dog-friendly pools are special and are present in most cities. Some of them have slides for dogs and platforms from which they can jump into the water, but don’t forget to bring their favorite toy with you, so they can have a blast!

On the other hand, keep in mind that there will be many dogs in the pool without a leash, so it is important that yours is properly socialized to avoid accidents. Likewise, it is always advisable to know the first aid in case of drowning or heat stroke. To do this, in VETFORMATIONYou will find a variety of training with which to expand your knowledge. Even if you start them at a personal level, you should know that they are training in accordance with current legislation, so that they will allow you to dedicate yourself professionally and thus turn your passion for animals into your new profession. We highlight the formations of Ethology and canine education and that of Veterinary Assistant, in addition to a wide variety of specializations for auxiliaries and professionals in the veterinary sector.


Travel with your dog

If you are one of those who is in love with your dog, surely it does not seem like a good idea to have to leave it in a daycare center while you go to enjoy the holidays. There are more and more pet friendly hotel establishments that will allow your dog to accompany you on your vacation.

We recommend that, if you decide to travel with your dog, you can do it to a nearby destination that you can go by car or train to avoid having to put it in the hold of the plane. If this is the summer you want to have with your dog, we recommend you consult this article: “ How to travel with dogs? ”.

As for the best destinations to travel with dogs , the truth is that it will depend entirely on what you like and how your dog is. For example, if your dog has a lot of hair and suffers from the heat, perhaps Andalusia is not the best option, but Galicia or the Basque Country are. Likewise, if your idea is to take routes in the mountains with your dog, you can look anywhere in the Pyrenees, you will love it!


Spend the day at the beach

There is no better place to take a dog in summer than in the middle of nature, be it mountains or beaches. Most dogs love to play in the waves, poke holes in the sand, and swim circles around you while you’re trying to swim. That is why the beach is one of the best summer plans with dogs.

Unfortunately, not all beaches are enabled to be accompanied by a dog. So, from June 1 to October 1 (approximately) you should check the list of pet friendly beaches , since they are the only ones where your dog is allowed to spend a day full of fun at sea.


Take your dog camping

Most campsites allow the entry of dogs, since they are located in the middle of nature . You can camp in a tent, rent a motorhome or reserve a bungalow (make sure it is pet friendly ). Your dog and your family will be outdoors all day, enjoying your summer vacations in its purest state. Also, if your dog is well socialized and enjoys playing with other dogs, he will love this plan!

A large number of hiking trails start from the campsites. So one of the days, that you feel like a little more action, you can organize a small excursion along a beautiful path. Your dog will appreciate being in direct contact with nature and discharging all the energy running and playing.


Make ice cream for your dog

Yes, now you can give your dog a tasty and refreshing ice cream that is suitable for his stomach. These ice creams, special for dogs, are ideal for your dog to stay cool and hydrated and thus overcome the high temperatures of summer. Apart from helping him beat the heat, this treat will keep your dog entertained. So, if your economy does not allow you to go on a trip or organize a full day out, a summer plan with your dog that you will really enjoy can be something as simple as enjoying an ice cream at home or in a nearby park.

Enjoy their company on a terrace

Look for a good terrace in your neighborhood that is in front of a park where you can let your dog loose and control it at the same time. While your dog is playing, running and making new dog friends, you can be having a drink on the terrace of the bar you have chosen.

If you dare, you can invite other dog families to sit with you and start a good conversation while your dogs play and have fun. Who knows if a good conversation can come from here, or they can recommend good summer plans with dogs, which you had not yet thought of, to share with your four-legged friend.


Organize an excursion with your dog

Discover a beautiful place that can only be reached on foot and organize an excursion with your dog and with all the other people you want. We recommend that you choose a forest path where you can walk under the shade and that it ends in a beautiful place, that makes you see that the effort has been worth it, such as a lake, a waterfall, a river … In this way, in addition, you can take a good bath and better combat the heat.


Don’t forget the culture

There are many pet friendly places and more and more establishments are joining this initiative. When you adopt a dog, you do not have to give up all the cultural plans that you made before, since there are a large number of bookstores, museums, cultural centers, shopping centers, shops , etc., to which you can go accompanied by your dog.

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