Tricks to Calm a Cat

Tricks to Calm a Cat

Despite being animals that can develop great affection towards humans, a frightened cat can act unpredictably. For this reason, knowing how to detect the signs that indicate that the feline is restless, as well as knowing how to calm a cat, is essential so that you do not receive a bad reaction from your pet.

Tricks to calm a cat

There are circumstances in which cats feel especially upset or restless. For example, when another being (human or animal) approaches them while they are eating or while they are inspecting a place that is not yet well known to them.

However, your fear, annoyance or restlessness can occur in many other situations. In those cases, you should pay attention to these signs:

The hair on his back stands on end.
His pupils dilate.
The cat hisses at you.
The cat’s whiskers will be positioned backwards.
His ears also go back.
His back hunches.
He retracts his lips, exposing his teeth.
He stares at you or he may, on the contrary, avoid you with his eyes.

Steps to calm a cat

If you detect any of the symptoms mentioned, it is important that you take into account the following steps to try to reassure your cat.

1. Soft tone of voice
To reassure a cat, use a soft, loving tone of voice. Under no circumstances yell at your pet.

A very loud or strident tone of voice will seem like a threat to him, which will only make the situation worse.

2. Sit close, without crowding
The next step will be to sit close to your cat, but give her space. Don’t force the animal to come closer, just let it come to you and sniff you.

3. Offer him something tasty
The ideal thing to calm a cat, in addition to providing calm, is that you distract it with something tasty.

In that sense, you can offer him some of his favorite wet food or his favorite snacks.

4. Silence
It is essential that the environment is as calm as possible so that the cat calms down.

That means that it is best not to put on loud music, television and avoid crowds.

Also, use caution around very young children. These may not know the needs of the animal and overwhelm him more.

5. Let him walk away
Remember that he should always be the one to initiate contact, so don’t start petting him if he hasn’t approached you first.

Also, if the feline wants to get away, let it wander off. He will come back when he wants.

Steps to calm a cat

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6. Use cat pheromones
There are pheromone diffusers for cats on the market that are ideal for cats that are prone to stress or fear.

7. Soft music
Another option to calm the atmosphere at home and that calm is transferred to your pet is to play some soft music in the background.

8. Offer him a shelter
Cats should have their own shelter for when they want to isolate themselves from the world.

For this reason, if you want your feline to calm down, that refuge must always be available and allow him to come to it when he needs it.

9. Be patient
Calming a cat can take time, so be patient and don’t force things.

In addition, it is crucial that you remain calm in circumstances that can make your feline nervous. Only then can you convey that peace of mind.

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