Cooked or raw dog food?

Cooked or raw dog food?

More and more dog keepers are looking for a diet outside of the widespread feed or cans of wet food. Certainly, in recent times we have witnessed the rise of different options that promise a more natural diet adapted to the characteristics and physiological needs of dogs, such as homemade food, both cooked at home and purchased.

Benefits and drawbacks of cooked dog food

First of all, if we choose to feed our dog homemade food, we should know that this alternative is not synonymous with giving it leftovers or the same dishes that we cook for ourselves. Offering this type of food implies that we must put ourselves in the hands of a nutrition professional to prepare a balanced menu, capable of covering all the nutritional needs of our dog. Otherwise, the result could be deficiencies that affect his health.

A balanced diet for a dog will have to include, fundamentally, proteins of animal origin from meat or fish, but also, although to a lesser extent, vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, eggs , etc. If we do not want or cannot cook at home, there is also the possibility of buying this food already prepared. An example is the Food for Joe cooked meal . This company prepares a menu fully adapted to the needs of each dog and following the advice of veterinary nutritionists. It is vacuum cooked at a low temperature , using only natural ingredients and shipped frozen.



The benefits of a cooked diet are clear, since it allows us to select quality and 100% natural ingredients . As for the benefits of boiling, steaming or vacuum cooking them at low temperature, so that nutrient losses are minimal, without a doubt we find the fact that they offer a much safer food , free of pathogens. We will see the result in the health of our dog, in his stools, well formed, not abundant and with little odour, in his energy and in the state of his coat.



The main drawback of cooked food for dogs is the time that must be invested in preparing the menu, buying the ingredients, cooking them and, in most cases, freezing the portions to administer them on successive days, since a problem of this food is that it will spoil if left at room temperature. Likewise, the remains must be discarded to avoid contamination by pathogens or the presence of insects or other animals.

Many of these problems are solved if, instead of cooking at home, we trust a company like Food for Joe, specialized in cooked food. In addition, we add the advantage of acquiring a completely homemade food prepared by experts, which guarantees that there are no nutritional deficiencies.


Benefits and drawbacks of raw dog food

Raw food has become popular in recent years under the premise that it is the natural option for dogs, as this is how their relatives, the wolves, feed in nature. Now, is raw food better than cooked food for dogs?



This option also involves the selection of quality ingredients and the preparation of a menu adapted to the nutritional needs of each dog, hence its potential health benefits for our dog. In addition, as in the case of cooked food, we have the option of preparing it ourselves or buying ready-made menus. Of course, doing it at home also requires a deep knowledge of canine nutrition, so we will always need the guidance of a professional.

But you have to know that stating that raw food is the best option for dogs in the 21st century is based on a hypothesis discussed by many experts: dogs are not wolves , but have gone through a process of domestication that has included their adaptation to food cooked or handled by humans (cooked, fermented, smoked, etc.), as well as to function as omnivores, hence their diet includes, in addition to meat or fish, vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc.



Proper cooking of food limits the loss of nutrients that is attributed to cooking, facilitates digestion and, also very importantly, eliminates potential pathogens , such as bacteria, for example Salmonella or E. coli . In addition, it must be taken into account that raw food can transmit parasites such as the protozoan Toxoplasma gondiior the anisakis. Dogs can get sick, but they can also become carriers, contaminating the environment and constituting a potential risk to people, especially those who are immunosuppressed. Hence, it is more advisable to previously freeze meat and fish (each species will require a time and temperature), if you want to give them raw, and wash fruits and vegetables very well, with plenty of running water, in addition to observing the rules Basic hygiene in terms of food handling.


Which is better, raw or cooked dog food?

In view of the advantages and disadvantages that cooked or raw food has for dogs and with the information that we currently have, we decided to choose cooked food , especially because it is the one that avoids any risk for animal and human health , by allowing the elimination of potential pathogens such as those we have mentioned, which may be present in raw ingredients that are not properly frozen or washed as necessary. It must be taken into account that domestic freezers do not usually reach the necessary temperatures to eliminate these pathogens by freezing.

On the other hand, light cooking facilitates digestion and preserves the nutrients in the food. This does not mean that raw food is bad for dogs, but rather that, without the proper knowledge, cooked food is safer, even more so if we choose to purchase it already prepared by professionals, such as the one we have mentioned from Food for Joe.

Keep these considerations in mind if you are wondering how dogs should be given meat, fish, vegetables, etc. In any case, remember that the best diet is the one tailored to the needs of your dog , which is why it is essential that you cook according to the instructions of an expert in canine nutrition or buy the food directly from a specialized company such as Food for Joe.

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