What Do Little Cats Eat? Keys To Feeding the Baby Cat

When adopting a cat, you are likely to be assaulted by thousands of questions. If the cat is a baby, the recurring question will be: what do small cats eat. Obviously, food is one of the basic needs of any animal and in order for it to grow properly it is essential that it take the right food. In this article we tell you what baby cats eat, and also since they are one month old and onwards.


A newborn cat needs to spend the first 8 to 10 weeks with its mother. You know why? Mainly for the following reasons:

For the first 3-4 weeks, baby cats depend solely on their mother’s milk. This food is the one that contains all the nutrients that the cat needs for its proper growth and development. After that time, their teeth begin to erupt and complete their development at 6 weeks. At that time, they can begin to combine breast milk with solid food, up to 10 weeks. This is when weaning is complete and the cat is ready for adoption.

They need to learn to socialize. This process of socialization occurs exclusively with his mother and siblings. Through play and imitation, cats will learn to behave like a cat. Among them: how to wash, drink water and get food. If you separate it from its mother too soon, it can have adjustment problems and become a sullen, aggressive and fearful cat. In this period of time, it has also had to establish contact with humans and other animals. In this way, they will have become independent and both the cat and its mother will better accept the separation.



If you have just adopted a cat, it is normal that you worry about how to feed it. That is why we are going to try to explain to you what small cats eat. Of course, do not forget to have everything planned, your space prepared, your litter tray and your toys. He will be scared for a few days, but it is normal. When feeding it, keep in mind what baby cats eat:

Until 3-4 weeks he will only drink breast milk. If the mother cannot breastfeed him, you should do it with a bottle and formula. Do not forget that you will need about 8 doses a day, every three hours.

From the fourth week you can offer him wet food. It will be hard for him to eat it at first, try putting some food in his mouth, but don’t force it too much. Little by little, he will become more interested in this type of food and will stop demanding breast milk.

From week 6 introduce the dry food. If you were wondering what a two-month-old cat eats, you should know that it must already be used to and adapted to the wet diet, so from week 6 it is time to start the dry one. You are likely to be more accepting of it at first if you wet your food with lukewarm water. Do not mix it with cow’s milk. When he is an adult, he will not easily admit new flavors and textures, so you should take advantage of this stage to try everything.

Keep in mind that small cats eat small portions many times a day. Offer him food only when it is his turn, it is not a good idea for him to have permanent access to it, he could get stuffed.

What you should always have available is a bowl of fresh water. He will no longer need milk, his digestive system will lose the enzymes necessary to digest it, so it is not a good idea to offer him milk, you could cause diarrhea.


• Cats are carnivores, their nutritional needs are specific and you must offer them a special diet for cats.

• When they are young, they need a large supply of protein, also when they are adults.

• For her to thrive, offer her an age-appropriate diet, such as the TRUE INSTINCT Original range with chicken and Kitten rice, loaded with protein from chicken. You will love it!

If you wanted to know what small cats eat, as you may have seen, for cats to grow healthy in the first months of life it is necessary that they have been with their mother for the first few weeks and then have an appropriate diet for their age. Only then can you ensure that he will grow up healthy and happy.

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