Cold weather and pets

Cold Weather and pets

In the middle of stormy season, we may have doubts as to whether our pet is going cold or not, but how can we know it? Well, it will depend on factors such as your race, size and age. There are breeds more prepared for low temperatures, such as the Huskies; and others that are less so, such as Greyhounds. In addition, small dogs and puppies tend to be colder because they have low body mass. Also older dogs, whose defenses and fur are somewhat impaired, can have a worse time in winter.

Taking these factors into account, here are some recommendations to protect your pet from the winter cold.

Cold weather and pets

Conditions his place to sleep

Depending on whether you sleep indoors or outdoors, the conditions that you will have to face are different. However, action can be taken in both situations.

If your pet sleeps indoors, they will not need much more than a winter bed, with a bit more thickness and coating to insulate from the cold. If, on the other hand, your dog spends nights away from home, it is recommended that there be a protected space for him. Ideally, your pet should have a kennel where it can be protected from rain, humidity and low temperatures. If you are looking for a new shed, it is preferable that you opt for a wooden one with legs that separate it from the ground and further avoid the cold.

Also, if you live in an area where temperatures are very low, it is recommended that your pet can spend the night indoors, even if it is only on the worst days.

Adapt his diet to the cold months

Veterinarians advise that dogs that may suffer from cold in winter be fed an additional intake of calories. If your pet lives at home and does not exercise too much, increasing the rations is not advisable; However, if your dog lives outside or you usually go out to practice sports together or take long walks, an increase in intake will help it generate more body heat.

If when increasing the rations your pet does not finish the bowl, you can always distribute more meals during the day but giving less quantity. Also, at any time of the year it is important to keep your dog well hydrated. Of course: be careful with the water that you serve so that it is not too cold.

Remember that it is important that these types of decisions are always consulted first with the veterinarian.

Do pets needs clothes

Organize his walks and equip him with the necessary coat

Despite the winter, the dogs must continue to go for walks every day. To prevent your pet from getting cold, you can try to make the most of the hours of sunshine and schedule the walks based on them. Also, on extremely cold days, make sure that the walks are not too long.

If your pet’s coat is not prepared for winter, you can always opt for jerseys or jackets for dogs, a comfortable and warm alternative for them, which will protect them from low temperatures during their walks. And even to complete the outfit you can include some boots for dogs. These are very useful, especially if your pet’s paws are going to be exposed to snow or ice. And the fact is that the pads of their legs can crack due to the temperatures and the conditions of the road, take a look from time to time!

Take care of their hair to avoid humidity

That your pet is exposed to cold, wind and rain or snow makes his coat always wet thus increasing the risk of cold. Keep in mind that dogs’ fur is their natural coat, so we must strive to ensure that it is always in the best condition.

If we keep our friend’s hair clean, dry, brushed and free of knots, they will be better protected from the cold. So if it gets wet, the ideal is to dry its coat as soon as possible with a towel or a hairdryer.

Remember that there are raincoats for dogs and kennels, which are a perfect alternative to insulate the fur of our pets from the humidity and cold of winter.

Schedule a visit to the vet

Dogs should visit the vet often (it is recommended that it be at least twice a year). Taking advantage of the winter to visit the vet can be a good idea.

This way we make sure that the joints of our pet are healthy, that they are receiving enough food and we will take some tips to follow so that our friend has a pleasant and warm winter.

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