Why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision

Why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision

Many people give medications to their pets without considering whether or not they are appropriate. We explain why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision.

Why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision

Reasons why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision

You may not know it, but medicating animals without a prescription is as common as it is dangerous.

The intentions may be the best, but what usually happens in the vast majority of cases is that what is achieved by this is to put them in much greater danger.

There are several reasons why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision, all of vital importance.

You don’t know the cause of your discomfort

There are symptoms of diseases that are repeated in each other, and these pathologies have nothing to do with each other.

As much as you associate a sneeze with a cold, if your dog sneezes it may not have been constipated, but something has entered its nasal passages that must be removed, for example.

Only a veterinary professional is trained to perform the relevant tests and diagnoses. And, after that, advise the best treatment.

Dosages depend on many factors

Isn’t it true that the doses of medication in humans sometimes vary according to their age or weight? Well, the same thing happens with pets.

It may turn out that your Doberman was prescribed some pills for a certain pathology and now you begin to notice the same symptoms in your Yorkshire terrier.

To begin with, going back to the previous point, only a veterinarian can clarify that it is the same problem. But even if you were certain, the dose of the medication would probably not be the same, since these two dogs are physically very different.

In addition to this, other factors must be taken into account, such as age, the existence of other diseases, the severity of the problem, etc.

You do not know if this medication is contraindicated for your pet

Another reason why pets should not be medicated without veterinary supervision is because you do not know if that medication is indicated or not for them.

For example, you can know for a fact that there is a medicine that is special to treat a specific health problem in dogs. But do you know if you can give it to your dog in particular?

Due to their composition, some medicines are not compatible with certain diseases or conditions of the animal: pregnancy, renal, cardiovascular pathologies, etc.

Pet poisoning

Some of the medications that people most often mistakenly offer to animals are pain relievers and anti-inflammatories (aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, naproxen), as well as some antibiotics.

There are investigations that declare that up to 50% of the cases in which pets present intoxications, these have been caused by ingesting a medication that is not appropriate for them.

In fact, when an animal finds a medicine and puts it in its mouth, it usually spits it out, since it does not usually like its taste.

Therefore, it follows that most of these poisonings are caused because their owner consciously decides to give the medicine.

What medication is appropriate for pets?

You should know that the animal world has its own laboratories and medicines that produce the same effect as in humans, for example, anti-inflammatory, but they are for veterinary use.

These are sold in veterinary centers and their use is appropriate if advised by a professional, since they allow calculating the exact dose for each pet.

In addition, it is true that, on occasion, a drug for human use is prescribed, but the veterinarian will know correctly the dose to be provided for each kilogram of the animal’s weight.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Taking care of it is our duty, but we must take care of them based on their nature, which differs from the human. Therefore, even if you think that medicating your pet if you notice symptoms of illness is a wise decision, it is not if a veterinary professional has not intervened first. Do not forget!

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