Tips for petting an unknown dog

Tips for petting an unknown Dog

That your dog is the most affectionate and sociable being in the world does not mean that all furry ones have the same character. Our tendency is to think so, but that mistake can end in a good scare when we try to pet an unknown dog. For this reason, here are some tips so that you can show them your love without any problems.

tips for petting an unknown dog

Surely you know your pet better than anyone and you know how to pet your dog so that he likes it or when it is time to do it and when better not. However, all dogs are not the same.

If you have love for dogs, your instinct will be to want to pet them all, but that can be a bad idea. You better take note of these tips!

Ask to his caregiver

If the dog is with a person, ask if you can pet him. This is important for two reasons:

The first reason is respect for that person, because there are those who do not like strangers groping their pet. You should always ask permission first.

The second reason is that only that person knows their dog’s attitude towards strangers. If he knows that he doesn’t usually react well, he will warn you.

When petting an unknown dog that is alone, you have to be very careful. It may be a very suspicious stray dog ​​that reacts with an attack at the slightest approach.

If you perceive any sign of anger, it is better not to touch it.

Don't intimidate him

Sometimes we are not aware that we can have gestures or attitudes that dogs find intimidating.

For example, trying to catch him by surprise when he is focused on something else, making a loud noise next to him, staring at him, or putting a lot of your body weight on him.

Attention to signs

There are several signs that the dog can clearly throw at you that indicate that it does not want to be touched or caressed. Among the most common are barking, showing teeth, growling, keeping the body rigid or the tail raised.

If the dog feels uncomfortable or scared, it may move away, make small sounds, show the whites of its eyes, or lick its nose a lot.

Stand up to him

If you want to pet a strange dog who has shown no signs of discomfort, you need to get down to their level.

Many dogs are receptive to caresses, but they do not take well the position from which humans look at them, because it intimidates them.

Therefore, it is best to squat or sit close to the animal to put yourself on a more balanced level with it.

Show him the back of your hand

Before you pet an unfamiliar dog who is receptive, you should allow him to sniff you, so don’t bring your hand directly to his head.

Slowly approach your hand, but never with your fingers first. It is better to offer a closed fist or an open hand, but with the back towards him, and never directly towards his forehead.

It should be the dog who takes the step to approach and smell your hand for as long as it considers. If he does, he will be evaluating you.

Caress him with love

Si ha pasado el examen, ¡enhorabuena! Ahora solo te queda regalarle unas buenas caricias. Eso sí, de primeras no vale cualquier zona, hay que saber dónde rascar y acariciar a un perro para que le guste.

Para acariciar a un perro desconocido, lo mejor es comenzar por la barbilla (debajo del hocico) y la base de las orejas. Evita la parte superior de la cabeza. Si parece gustarle eso después de un rato, entonces, puedes acariciar otras zonas como su lomo.

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