Do Dogs have a notion of time?

Do Dogs have a notion of time

Perhaps the title of this blog is a question that you have been asking for a long time. There are many unknowns – as far as time is concerned – about dogs and the weather. Do you know when it is day or night? Do they know what day of the week they are on? Can they have a routine?

yes, dogs have a notion of time. Of course, with nuances and not in the same way that human beings can have it.

Generally speaking, a dog can know when it is time to walk or if it is time to eat or rest. However, the way you recognize those moments is not the same as we do. At the end of the day, the perception of time that we have is an invention of the human being as such.

Do Dogs have a notion of time

How do dogs measure time?

The answer to this question is based on two concepts: circadian rhythms and so-called sensory perception. Thanks to these two, the dog can «measure» time.

On the one hand, circadian rhythms are not typical of furry ones. These rhythms are present in every living being, including human beings. However, sensory perception is more linked to dogs since it is related to the customs and habits that are being created daily for them.

Circadian Rhythms

The scientific explanation for circadian rhythms is as follows: oscillations of biological variables at regular intervals in time. That is, they are rhythms that direct the daily life of dogs (and of all living beings) based on internal schedules.

The main difference between the circadian rhythms of humans and other living things is culture. It has made our circadian rhythms unified. However, living things, and specifically dogs, are still driven by physiological needs.

Dogs may not know what day of the week they are on or exactly what month it is, but they do know when they are sleepy, hungry, wanting to play, or bored. Being moments that are repeated for X time, it creates a routine for the furry one.

Sensory Perception

Here are the senses that help the dog to capture the passage of time. The clearest example may be that of sunlight. Like us, they are able to see how much light there is at each moment of the day and, therefore, see where we are.

Finally, to the sensory perception we must add the customs and habits that we believe in dogs. Here we can put as an example that in the mornings, in general, they tend to be without our company and that, on weekends, they can enjoy us all da

dogs and seasons

However, not only do these circles govern the dogs’ schedules, but also the routine that we set for them. This is the reason why your furry friend often calls your attention to take him for a walk or feed him at a specific time.

Daily we repeat actions and set schedules for our canine friends. We get dressed, walk the dog, leave the house, come back, make food, etc. All of these actions tend to occur more or less routinely, which helps dogs know «what time it is.»

After having read this blog you can already affirm, with weighty arguments, that your furry is aware of the passage of time, although in its own way. Thanks to circadian rhythms, sensory perception and taught habits, dogs can know what time of day or week they are.

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