Dangers of humanizing dogs

Dangers of Humanizing Dogs

More and more people are deciding to incorporate the wonderful company of a dog into their lives. In addition, society is increasingly aware of the importance of these animals in our lives and, therefore, dog-friendly spaces are growing. However, we must bear in mind the dangers of humanizing dogs, as crossing certain limits can be dangerous.

Dangers of humanizing dogs

What is humanizing dogs?

Humanizing dogs (or any other animal) consists of seeing them as if they were people.

Some people try to see in their pets gestures, preferences or attitudes that are only consistent with human behavior, so they distort animal instincts.

Humanizing pets has nothing to do with giving love. You can love a dog, cat, etc. very much, take care of it as it deserves and take it into account when choosing a holiday destination so that it can go with you, for example. What is not appropriate is to treat him as if he were a small child.

Attitudes that indicate that you are humanizing your dog

Some of the behaviors that people perform that humanize their dog are:

They allow you to sit at the table to eat with the rest of the people.
They offer him human food.
They always dress the animal, regardless of whether it is cold or not.
They spend a lot of money on treats for the animal.
You are allowed to take up more space in the rest area (sofa or bed), putting your comfort before your personal one.
He is treated like a baby.

Dangers of humanizing dogs

When supposed needs that are inherent to people and not to them are attributed to dogs, their essence is misunderstood and things that are really important for these animals are downplayed, taking into account their nature.

Of course, the dog can be seen as a member of the family, but a different member, with its own needs.

Therefore, there are many dangers of humanizing dogs.

They don't know the rules

A dog must be educated in order to have an adequate coexistence. The animal must know that there are attitudes that it cannot have, such as biting everything or urinating where it wants.

Humanized dogs do not know the limits, because the person in charge of showing them has overlooked them. Therefore, behavioral problems are common in them.

Also, keep in mind that the way to educate a dog is not the same as when educating a child. The teachings of the animals must be oriented to their abilities so that they can assimilate them.

Anxiety and Frustration

Animals move by instinct, following their own nature.

If we try to change it, the dog can begin to suffer from anxiety and frustration, which leads to illness or behavioral problems.

Let’s look at a simple example: dressing the dogs. In winter, when it is cold, it is logical to want to keep our pets warm, especially when it comes to small breed dogs.

However, what does it bring to your dog to wear a dress in summer? It brings her nothing but discomfort and warmth. It is the person who puts on that dress who finds «benefit» from this practice, seeing their very adorable pet.

Dangers of Humanizing Dogs for People

The dangers of humanizing dogs don’t just stay with the animals.

People also suffer the consequences that they themselves have humanized their pets.

For example, they can develop a disorder known as petophilia, excessive love for pets. This leads the person to totally condition his life, putting above his own needs, those of his pet.

Remember that you can love your pet unconditionally, but that should not mean that you forget that it is an animal.

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