My cat doesn’t love me

My Cat Doesn't Love Me

Sometimes cats are not as affectionate as we would like. So much so that it seems that our pets do not love us. Therefore, if you say to yourself “my cat doesn’t love me, what do I do?”, we are going to give you the possible solutions so that you can apply them taking it easy.

my cat doesn't love me

Reasons why your cat does not want to be with you

It may be that your pet is not always so receptive to you when you try to pamper them.

Some of the reasons why your cat may reject you are:

You limit yourself in showing affection towards him.
The cat relates you to a negative experience. For example, if you have punished him.
He doesn’t feel confident enough with you and needs to get to know you better.
The animal is not feeling well. When cats don’t feel quite right, they tend to isolate themselves.
There has been a major change in your environment and you feel stressed. It can be from a move, to the arrival of a new family member at home.
The animal is not receiving proper care.

If you feel that your pet does not love you or continually rejects you, it is clear that you are on the right track if you want to change the situation, since the first step is to realize that something is not right in your relationship.

My cat doesn't love me: what do I do?

When the circumstance arises that your cat rejects you, the first thing you should do is stop to identify the possible cause that has caused this distancing in the animal.

Based on that, you will be able to better adapt the steps to follow to find a solution. However, there are things that you should always put into practice.

Give it some adaptation time

Whether you just adopted your cat, moved, or a new pet or person has come into your home, you should give it time to get used to the new situation.

Cats live calmly when they feel that their entire environment is under control, so even a small change (even the introduction of a new piece of furniture) can disturb them a bit.

This will make the animal in a state of continuous alert and while it is like this, it may not feel like being relaxed, receiving pampering from you.

Respect their way of being

There is another fundamental issue to consider if it seems that your cat does not love you. This is to respect your personality.

Each animal has its own personality and it may be that while one cat is very affectionate and playful with you, another is not so much.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!

Learn to relate to him

If what happens to your pet is that he has never finished feeling trust towards you (either because of bad past experiences before coming into your life, or because you caused those bad experiences), you will have to learn to relate with him in a positive way.

This implies, for example, avoiding excesses, such as forcing him to come closer, playing with him at all hours or caressing him when he does not want it.

Avoid being the one who always initiates all interactions. Thus, when he does it, you will know that he is much more receptive and your caresses will be more efficient.

If you go slowly, you will see that little by little your cat is getting closer to you, accepting you.

Guarantee your well-being

Beyond affection, which is fundamental, you must first cover their basic needs: food, hygiene and safety.

Offer your pet a healthy and balanced diet, of quality, as well as clean and fresh water.

In addition, you should provide a litter tray where it can relieve itself and clean it regularly.

The animal must live in a quiet environment. He will not be able to be affectionate if he lives surrounded by screams or noises that make him want to escape and hide continuously. If you don’t feel at peace, you won’t want to get close to anyone.

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