How to wash my dog’s clothes and bed?

How to wash my dog's clothes and bed?

Beds, blankets, covers, towels and even different clothes are part of any dog’s trousseau. Today, there are a lot of options on the market to choose from, such as different colors, sizes, designs, fabrics, etc. We tend to be guided by aesthetics or functionality when choosing, but we do not always look at how we have to keep all these garments and accessories to clean them thoroughly and keep them in good condition for as long as possible.

Normally we will wash at home, but we can consider other options, since, at present, it is possible to resort to specialized centers, such as the laundries that can be found in some car wash centers for dogs.


How to wash dog blankets?

It is clear that the blankets, covers, beds or any other textile that our dog uses will have to be easily cleaned. Whether we offer you a blanket of ours or if we buy bed or clothes specifically designed for dogs, the most important thing when maintaining proper hygiene is to follow the washing recommendations indicated by the manufacturer. To know them, it is mandatory to consult the label.


Most of these canine accessories will allow easy washing, and can simply be put in the washing machine at a higher or lower temperature. Therefore, when choosing your dog’s bed, the first step is to take into account how easily the bed can be put in the entire washing machine, separated into its different components or just the cover.


How to wash my dog’s clothes?

Like beds, covers or towels, clothing that is marketed specially designed for dogs, such as coats, raincoats or sweaters, can be easily washed in the washing machine, following the instructions on the corresponding label. Some collars, leashes or harnesses, such as those made of nylon, can also be washed this way. These types of accessories can sometimes be hand washed or cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth or cloth.

Can the dog’s bed be washed in the washing machine?

So far, we have been talking about using the washing machine, but it is true that there are more scrupulous caregivers who may wonder if it is hygienic to wash the dog’s bed in the washing machine. The truth is that there is no problem because we use our washing machine to keep our dog’s bed or clothes clean. In fact, it is the best way to disinfect or eliminate potential parasites, if that is the case. But it is convenient to take into account some recommendations such as the following:


  • Just in case, always read the label of the textile you want to wash.
  • Make sure that all the components are suitable for the washing machine. For example, if it is a bed, it may be that only the cover is washable.
  • The beds or any other stuffed garment may have a tear through which it comes out during the wash. Check its integrity.
  • Remove as much hair as you can, as well as dirt, sand, or any other adhering solid.
  • Of course, put a washing machine only with your dog’s clothes. Do not mess with yours or you will leave them full of hair.
  • Choose the washing program according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The duration can be adapted to the degree of soiling.
  • When done, clean the washing machine. You can pass a cloth inside to catch the hairs, better once dry, and run it on a short program to clean it.
  • Finally, from time to time it would not be bad for you to disassemble the filter of the washing machine to remove any hair that may have accumulated.

How often to wash the dog’s bed?

There is no single answer to this question. The need for cleaning will depend a lot on the characteristics of the dog, its way of life, but also our habits. For example, just the detail of cleaning the legs when you get home can already make a difference for the maintenance of the bed. On average, we can talk about a weekly washing frequency. Take the opportunity to fill a washing machine with all your dog’s textiles. Of course, if the dog vomits, has incontinence, etc., the recommendation is to dry the liquid as soon as possible with absorbent paper. In this way, we prevent the fabric from being impregnated, which helps prevent odors.
If you’re wondering how to get rid of odor from your dog’s bed, regular washes with an enzymatic detergent usually keep it at bay. For specific stains, after absorbing them, we can put vinegar or bicarbonate on them before putting them in the washing machine, since they neutralize odors.


Where to wash the dog’s clothes

But if you don’t feel like using your washing machine for your dog’s clothes, you currently have another alternative. In car wash centers for dogs, such as I Love Dog Wash , they have a laundry service. In addition to the advantage of preserving your washing machine and saving you time, they offer you both a washing machine and a dryer, so you can return home with your clothes ready to store or use in a fast, easy and economical way.

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