How to entertain a Cat

How to entertain a Cat

Feline boredom exists and can be the cause of stress, anxiety or even depression in a cat. Therefore, knowing how to entertain my cat at home is essential to avoid these problems for my pet. Let’s see some tips!

How to entertain a Cat

The importance of my cat being entertained

As we said, a cat without physical and mental entertainment can suffer from stress, anxiety or depression.

This is because felines are very active and very curious animals, so entertainment and games will be great for:

  • Exercise physically.
  • Do mental exercise.
  • Unleash your hunting instinct, especially if you are an indoor cat.

Some people decide not to adopt a kitten because they don’t live in the country and therefore can’t let the cat roam freely outside the home.But the truth is that a cat can also be happy inside the house. Let’s see how you can entertain your cat in your home!

How to entertain my cat at home: playing with him

The first options will focus on shared entertainment, the one in which you are going to spend quality time playing with your pet.

Because yes, it’s not just about entertaining your cat: it’s also important that you play with it, strengthen ties and, at the same time, take the opportunity to educate your cat.

By that, we are not referring, for example, to playing with your hands, moving them close to him so that he catches them from you. This is a bad practice that will result in the cat biting your hands when it is an adult because it thinks it is a game.

It is about knowing how to entertain my cat at home using elements that help us.

Drag things across the floor

You can take a small ball and tie a string around it or use a ball of yarn.

Put it on the ground, call your cat and when your cat is approaching, pull the rope!

Also move it from one side to another so that your cat tries to catch it by throwing itself on it.

Hide and Seek

Why not play hide and seek with your cat?

Find a good corner at home and call your feline by its name.

If he is one of those who are a little less affectionate and more independent, you can reward him when he finds you with his favorite snack. Surely that way he won’t resist your company!

Testing his sense of smell

Since kittens have an enviable sense of smell, how about playing shellfish with them?

The adapted version of the game for your cat will consist of taking 3 opaque glasses, hiding a treat under one of them that gives off a striking smell for him and moving them to dislodge the treat.

Then, let your feline use its olfactory sense to select the correct one.

How to entertain my cat at home: playing alone


Cat scratchers are very necessary for them. Not only because they entertain them, but because they are one of their essentials to keep them physically and mentally well.

Empty boxes or bags as a method of entertainment

Does your cat like to hide? It is a very normal attitude in cats! Of course, it does not carry any risk, as long as the cat does not present symptoms of illness.

The fact is that if there is something that the kittens are passionate about hiding, it is empty cardboard boxes or our shopping bags.

So don’t hesitate to take advantage of them to make a maze or circuit at home where you can introduce small prizes as a map for your pet. You will have a great time!


Any cat toy that is left at her disposal when she is alone will help keep her entertained and less likely to suffer from separation anxiety.

If it is a small stuffed mouse, he will take care of launching it through the air to catch it and bite it.

Like the balls, which they seek to move with their legs or hit them to chase them.

Food dispensing kongs are also a great option when it comes to how to entertain my cat at home, since he will spend his time trying to get his treat out of the kong.

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