Do Dogs Sweat?

Do Dogs Sweat?

If you take your pet for a walk or play sports with them, you are probably asking yourself the same question that many pet owners have ever thought: do dogs sweat?

Some have the belief that dogs do not sweat, at least not as we do, since that way they would always have wet hair. And this would be a bummer for them.

But the truth is that dogs do sweat, but not in the same way that we do.

Do dogs sweat

How do dogs sweat?

Dogs do indeed sweat, but where? Dogs are unlikely to sweat like we do, since their skin does not have enough sweat glands to perspire as their owners do. Therefore this theory is completely false.

The truth is that dogs sweat through the nose, a process that not only has the function of expelling sweat, but also allows to keep the muzzle moist, which makes it easier for the dogs’ sense of smell to be the best.

But, the nose is not the only area of ​​the body through which they expel sweat.

Dogs also sweat from their paw pads. In this way, they can still protect this area and ensure that their legs adhere to the ground properly.

Thus we can conclude that dogs sweat mainly through their noses and paws.

How do dogs Cool Off?

Thanks to sweat, humans can release the heat that we have in the body when we are exposed to high temperatures or when we have some physical activity. Instead, dogs cool off in another way.

Although dogs sweat from their legs and nose, this mechanism is not enough to cool down and return to their normal body temperature. To do this they use panting and heavy drooling.

When the dog’s body detects that its body temperature is higher than usual, it begins to send the warmest blood to the tongue area. This causes heavy panting and drooling, through which all sweat is expelled.

To prevent our pets from suffering from heat stroke, we recommend the following tips:

  • Do not muzzle him while training.
  • Do not wear clothes, even if the temperature is low.
  • Ensures you have access to water to cool you down.

In the same way, it is important to know in depth the characteristics of your pet. Dogs have an average body temperature of 38 ° C, but not all experience heat in the same way.

Large breed dogs and older dogs are more vulnerable to heat stroke.

Do dogs need water like humans

A large part of the sweat glands that dogs have are located on the pads of their paws, which, in addition to serving to regulate temperature, help them absorb possible blows, cushion the pressure of their footsteps and have the function of isolating them. If possible, from high soil temperatures (although remember that the soil in full season of strong sun can burn the pads, do not walk it in the high hours of sun).

Regarding the sweating function of the dog pads, keep in mind that if your dog is hot, it will be logical that you can see some humidity in this part of his paws or even footprints in the areas that he steps on, since there will be perspiration. For all this, the main area in which dogs sweat, in a more similar way to ours, is through the pads.

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