How to clean the dog bed

How to clean the dog bed?

Surely, one of your pet’s favorite objects is his bed. There she enjoys pleasant dreams and for her it is a place that offers her comfort and security. Therefore, we must ensure that it is always in good condition. If you are wondering how to clean the dog bed, here you will find the steps to follow.

How to clean the dog bed

Importance of cleaning the dog's bed

Maintaining good canine hygiene is essential for the health of the animal, but also for the well-being of the people who live with it.

The dirt and bad odors that dirty dogs can give off can be a real inconvenience for the family. And not only because it bothers you when your pet is around, but also because both the dirt and the smell will be impregnated by each place where the dog decides to sit, lie down or rub itself.

Not to mention parasites, which can even transmit diseases.

For all these reasons it is important to keep the dog clean, but it is just as important to keep all your pet’s own elements in correct hygienic conditions. And that, of course, includes your bed.

Think about it: what good will it do to have your dog shiny if his bed is full of dirt and stinks? As soon as he lies on it he’ll be dirty again!

Also, parasites don’t just go away. If they have fallen on the bed or their eggs are around, they will infect your pet again no matter how much you have dewormed it.

Hence, it is essential to keep the dog’s bed clean. We show you how to do it!

How to clean the dog bed step by step

Cleaning your pet’s bed is not as complicated a task as you can imagine. It takes some time, yes, but it is very necessary. Take note of the steps to follow.

1. Remove accumulated hair
The first thing you should do is try to remove any trace of hair or surface dirt from the bed, since leaving it there may not be so favorable.

You can use a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller to do this. Both objects are also essential when it comes to removing cat hair.

2. Separate the bed into parts
Now is the time to separate each of the parts of the bed.

Depending on the type of dog bed it is, it will be made up of different elements. It can have a firm structure and a mattress or be made up of two parts but both are soft, for example.

In any case, everything must be separated. This implies removing the covers and removing the internal foam from the mattress, since each thing will have to be washed separately.

3. Repeat the process of removing hairs
It may be that when you separate the mattress from an external structure you realize that there were more hidden hairs. If so, repeat step 1 so there are none left.

4. Clean the rigid structure
If your dog’s bed is made up of a rigid external structure, the ideal is to start by cleaning it.

You must take into account its material and based on that, choose the most appropriate method for cleaning, since it is not the same to wash plastic as wicker, for example.

5. Remove stains from the fabric of the cover
Before moving on to a deeper cleaning of the fabric that covers the foam of the mattress, you should stop to clean those stains that are visible well.

How to clean the dog bed step by step

It is essential that before beginning you identify the type of fabric being treated and, if possible, the origin of the stain.

If the stain is very recent, you may still have time to remove it with a napkin soaked in a stain-removing cleaning solution.

It can also help to use an old or new toothbrush, but that you use only for these tasks, to scrub on the most difficult stains.

Whether you use a specific product or use soap and water, let it act for about 20 minutes before rinsing a bit.

6. Wash the cover in the washing machine
Once the most difficult stains have been removed, the next step is to put the cover in the washing machine for a more thorough cleaning.

Study your label well to see the washing conditions. If it does not indicate that it should not be washed with hot water, select a high temperature program so that it can be disinfected well.

7. Use neutral detergent
An important tip when it comes to knowing how to clean the dog bed is that, when washing both the cover and any textile for your dog in the washing machine or by hand, use a neutral detergent that does not have odors.

The most recommended are those for babies, as they are hypoallergenic and do not contain aromas.

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