My Hamster bites me

My Hamster Bites me

Hamsters are very common pets in homes due to their wonderful characteristics. However, sometimes it can have attitudes that we do not like very much, such as biting. If you ask yourself, «Why does my hamster bite me?», you should know that the reasons are several.

My Hamster bites me

The hamster in nature is an animal that becomes easy prey for many others.

This implies that they must be on continuous alert against any possible predator and that in the face of any nearby threat, they try to defend themselves as best they can. That is, biting.

Does a hamster bite hurt?

Yes, it is quite likely that it will hurt, although it will not be an unbearable pain. The problem is that, sometimes, when they bite, they get hooked and it is very difficult for us to let them go.

The important thing is to know that if a hamster bites you, in general, it is because he acts under a feeling of fear and the worst thing you can do is scare him more.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that a hamster bite is not dangerous, although certain communicable infections can occur.

There are three types of infections that this pet could transmit to you:

Tularemia. It is a bacterial infection with symptoms similar to those of the flu.
hantavirus. It is a viral infection.
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis. It is given by a reaction to the hamster’s saliva.
However, it is important to emphasize that the chances of this animal transmitting these infections are minimal.

Still, if your hamster bites you, don’t leave the area unattended. Wash it and protect it from any infection by external agents.

Reasons why my hamster bites me

We show you, below, the most common reasons that lead a hamster to bite us.

doesn’t see very well
Sight is not the hamster’s most highly developed sense. Therefore, they are usually guided by smell.

For that reason, if your fingers smell like food, the hamster may think that the finger going towards them is a small piece of food.

Knowing this, it is important, to avoid a «my hamster bites me», that you always wash your hands before approaching your pet.

Given their continual alertness from feeling like prey, the hamster will attack and bite if it senses danger is nearby.

Therefore, do not scare him, do not approach him roughly or grab him roughly.

you need to familiarize yourself
When a hamster comes into your life, everything is new to him. He’s going to need some time to become familiar with his surroundings, and that includes you.

For this reason, in the face of insecurity, it may react by biting on certain occasions.

My hamster bites me, how do I prevent it?

Faced with a “My hamster bites me”, the next question to ask ourselves would be “How can I avoid it?”. Well, for this there are answers and these are the steps to follow:

Get him used to your smell
As mentioned, if your hands smell like food or even another hamster or animal, they could bite you.

Therefore, wash your hands and put your pet on a bed or sofa. Let him walk on his own, but occasionally block his path with the back of your hand.

That way it will sniff you and keep walking, that is, once it smells you, allow it to keep moving.

Repeat this action about 15 days, every day. Little by little the animal will become comfortable with your smell.

Responds to their bites
When he bites you, even if it takes you by surprise and it hurts, you should not make sudden gestures or yell at him. The best way to respond in these situations is to blow on his face very carefully. That way you will distract him and possibly let you go.

Also, keep in mind that hamsters don’t understand punishment, so any negative acts will only work to damage your relationship.

Redirect their behavior
Actually, the act of biting for hamsters not only serves as a defense or to discover the world, but they also do it to wear down their teeth.

However, for that purpose you have to provide elements intended for it. In other words, if your hamster bites the bars of the cage, for example, you should avoid it.

In that sense, hay or cereal bars are very useful.

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